Replace original HDD 3,5" by SSD SATA 2,5"

Processor: lntel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G4560@ 3.50 GHz
Graphics card: lntel(R) HD Graphics 610
Wireless card: Realtek 8821AE Wireless LAN 802.11 ac PCl-E NIC
Storage: 931 GB, TOSHIBA DT01ACA100
Memory: Total 4 GB

I've installed a SATA 2.5" Disk SSD in place of the original 3.5" HDD, disconnecting the SATA and Power cables from it and connecting it to the new SSD I installed.
When I turn on the computer opens the BIOS window instead of the OS startup installed on the SSD or Windows installation USB stick placed on the COMPUTER's USB port.
When I try to set up computer BOOT the choice options are inactive, as you can see in this images:






The BIOS BOOT configuration with the original 3.5" HDD disk and a WINDOS installation USB stick is as follows:


How should I proceed to solve this problem and replace the original 3.5" HDD disk with the SSD SATA 2.5"?


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It can be quite a pain to do. Unless the new hard drive is formatted your PC cannot do anything with it. It may not even be recognised. That means connecting your new SSD to the PC and using software installed on your existing hard drive to format it. You may need extra leads or there may be enough connectors inside the case to work with. There are plenty of freeware programs that you can download like Mini Tool Partition Magic that will do this for you. Years ago I bought a hard drive copy station where you slot in both drives and then duplicate everything to the replacement drive. It's been invaluable but SATA is now being replaced by faster connectors.
Bazz Thank You for your feedback! The problem is solved. I switched the port where the SATA data cable was connected and set UEFI to boot into “User Mode Acess BIOS”. In fact, I don't know which of the two changes was the cause of the upgrade's success. But the point is, the problem is solved. And I'm happy for that.