Replaced HD and want to install different OS on HP Pavilion dv6000

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The hard disk crashed and I have been unable to reinstall Vista Home Premium with org. and recovery disks on new Hard Disk. Would like to reformat and install Win XP on it. Can't seem to figure out how to do it.

I get the "no operating system found" error. The HD is unformatted as it is new.

I've been all over the HP site and followed the endless loops for information, to no avail.

Any help will be greatly appreciated (sp).

Earl Cravens


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You have to have a valid Windws XP install disk... HP install disks detect the hard drive, and if they are not designed specifically for that drive, they wimply will not work. You may have to buy a copy of Windows XP, then boot to it...
You will need drivers, so check to see if the HP website offers drivers for that system configuration. If not, you have to be experienced enough to locate and download them yourself.

But what you propose is very possible... just go to the HP site for your HP model, and look for what operating systems are supported.


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But if you have other software that works on Windows VISTA, it will usually not work on Ubuntu. You may be immersed in a search or at least a learning quest for your music, word processing, photo editing, video graphics and other programs software.
No doubt Ubuntu is good... but it is not for ev erybody, and leaves as many frustrated as it does help others....
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Interestingly, the question of formatting the disk for Ubuntu wasn't addressed. Will I be able to d/L an iso to make a book disk?
Regards, Earl
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found reason that hard drive can't beformatted

Hello all,

The reason for the hard disk formatting problems on the HP 6000 was that HP sets up the bios only to use a specific HD and other hardware. They are the only ones that will fix it at their prices.


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In some cases, XP will not be able to detect SATA drives.
Did you make the recovery disks required by HP?
You'd be much better off installing Vista or Win7 if it's possible:
The Ubuntu install s disk will format and partition for you, and the live disk will help you determine of if all your drivers are available.
I have two PCs running Ubuntu 10.4 and there's not much you can't do that Windows can. You can also be worry-free regarding Spyware and Viruses (For the present) and you'll find thousands of free software packages that windows doesn't have.


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In addition to hughva's comments you really don't need to create multiple partitions while installing OS, you can simply create one large partition and install OS. Once, you have done so you can use any of the utils (e.g. Test Disk / Partition Wizard, and these are free by the way) to manipulate your partitions/sizes etc.
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HP Pavilion dv6000 Vista Home Premium. Replaced HD and want to install different OS

raybay: "That has not been our experience..." , nor mine.

hughva: "You'd be much better off installing Vista or Win7 if it's possible:" Tried them all, ubunto runs from the CD, when to try to install ubunto can't find a hard drive to install to.
As far as ubunto is concerned, really liked it and will install it on another cumputer.

Archean: "In addition to hughva's comments" If I can get the disk formatted the rest will be easy. When trying to get into the bios to set up the Hard drive there is not option to change HDs.

Regards, earl


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When trying to get into the bios to set up the Hard drive there is not option to change HDs.
Please clarify what you mean, do you mean you can't set boot priority for HDDs?
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Archean: The bios generally allows hard disks to be set up automatically (120 g seagate,) (320g Western Diditalor) manually. This computer will not let one make a bios change to the hardware, ie: hard disk.
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