Build a PC Replaced power supply and now no video or HDD spin up!


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Greetings all!
This is my first post and I'm hoping to be able to reciprocate with answers from my own knowledge and experiences, though limited. Thank you in advance for your kindness and patience.
I have an older PC (six years) running Windows XP (fully updated) with an Athlon 64 CPU, 2G ddr, 250 GB Hdd, onboard Nvidia graphics chip set on an Asus motherboard. For years the system has been stable & reliable but last night I found it dead. After troubleshooting the basics (power strip, power outlet, power cord, on/off switch etc.), I figured a new power supply was in order since everything worked fine the day before and then nothing. So... while putting in a new TEC 385 W PSU I noticed the 20 +4 connector was different from the old 24 plug. Stupidly, (looking back) I left the 4 plug off. Also I noticed a six plug connector for the PCI express but no receptor on the motherboard for it. I figured since I had nothing in the PCI slots or the PCI express slot,; no big deal, just leave it unconnected. Power on and I see a small amount of SMOKE coming out of the carriage near the front panel USB/1394 connectors and the Hard drive! Quickly unplugged & rechecked all the connections. Didn't find a problem there. Plugged the 4 pin connector next to the 20 pin on the power connector (finally) and tried again. This time no beep, CPU fan spins up, Chassis fan spins up, hard drive does not spin up and the HDD light on the front panel stays lit. Nothing (not even the BIOS) on the monitor. Please tell me I did not corrupt the drive! The mother board looks fine (capacitors etc.) Where to go from here? Help? Ten years worth of digital images!

Thank you for your time.


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Also I noticed a six plug connector for the PCI express but no receptor on the motherboard for it.
this is rather confusing, first of all the six pin PCIE connector plugs into a PCIE Graphics card that requires a a 6 pin connector, not the motherboard, secondly, did you plug in the 4/8 pin CPU power connector (i'm assuming its a 4 pin on a machine that old.)
Thirdly, and I don't know if its possible to force it in or not...but was the 4 pin you eventually plugged into the 20+4 the CPU power plug? was there a bit of force involved?


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The PCIE slot is empty and the motherboard has integrated graphics via an NVidia chip set. The 6-pin connector that is part of the power supplies bundle doesn't conform to any pin receptor on the mother board, so for my purposes it's spare? The main power connector on the mother board is an older 24 pin connector, while the new power supply cable is 20 pin + 4 pin. Initially, I only plugged the 20 pin in, later (post smoking) I was able to align the 4 pin next to the 20 pin and connect them both without too much force. Looking carefully at the schematic diagram for the motherboard, I see that +12v is supplied on the 4 pin part of the cable. Hmmmpf!

Thanks for thinking about this.