Report: AT&T to launch BlackBerry Z10 on March 22

Shawn Knight

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BlackBerry’s Z10 smartphone will go on sale in the US on March 22 as the Canadian handset maker continues the rebuilding process. The phone will be available on AT&T first, although T-Mobile and Verizon are also expected to carry the...

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"Do you think the new wave of BlackBerry 10 smartphones have what it takes to propel the company into a major player in the wireless industry once again or is it a case of too little, too late?"
Consumers can be fickle. We will know better once they start selling...


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I don't see them usurping Samsung, Nokia and to an extent Apple any time soon but there's certainly a place for them. I hope they survive.


TS Evangelist
They really don't have a chance because the ugly truth is: they've learned nothing. Their response to the iPhone and Android domination? They made an OS that relies on Android developers porting their wares to an unproven platform. Yes, one could argue that the blackberry faithful (which really means the "keyboard and trackpad" power users) are still a substantial customer base. Pushmail, great battery life and straightforward operation have also been major selling points. Unfortunately the Q10 will debut without a trackpad, which means its useless to the hard-core BB crowd. A typical featurephone is now a better texting device than the OS 10 'berries. It also has a crippled implementation of ActiveSync which deletes messages from the server as soon as their deleted from your phone - there's no option to disable this. And since the default configuration doesn't use BIS there's no pushmail unless you actually use BES or Exchange, which means constant message checking, which means battery life no better than any other mobile device. Blackberry Inc has shot themselves in the head, not the foot. Sprint knows this full well, which is why their not even bothering with the Z10 and hoping they can sell a few Q10's to teen text-a-holics with poor motor control.