Report claims Android malware quadrupled in two years


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According to a recent study from an online security services company, RiskIQ, the amount of malware-ridden apps in the Google Play Store continues to be an issue. In fact, in the past two years the total number of malicious apps...

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Unless they start prohibiting software like Apple through a filter where the developers actually have to pay for someone from apple to verify the code to be able to publish the aplication on the market I doubt Play Store will be able to remove malware from Android devices.

Without considering the multiple markets existing to the day for android smartphones.


Lies! Android ecosystem is flawless... this is a conspiracy from IOS fan boys.


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Unless that's sarcasm, in any case it's far from flawless. It's been a while since I tried discussing something with a 'Guest'.


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I haven't seen anything bad on these. Just have to check which app you install some bad ones are out there. Android been okay since 2010 for about 45 tablets (I write rom code for them) and 15 smartphones.


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I can't even programaticlly take a screenshot on my android phone. Are thise people advised by manufacturers?


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Lies! Android ecosystem is flawless...
Flawless? That's impossible! Try saying something that is true.
this is a conspiracy from IOS fan boys.
The idea that you ended your comment with those words, makes you an Andriod fan boy.

Here...I found this just for you:

This is the part where you reply "oh, I knew they were joking. I was just playing back" but we all know that's a lie :p

But, back on anybody really surprised by this? I love Android. It gives me more freedom and allows for more creativity than iOS. I'm just not stupid. I don't download every app that my eyes come across. If it's not from a reputable developer, it doesn't get downloaded to my phone. Nothing is full-proof, of course, but I've yet to get any kind of infection.


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This is the part where you reply "oh, I knew they were joking. I was just playing back" but we all know that's a lie :p
No, this is where I say you should say what you mean, and mean it to be true. I grow tired of people and their arrogance through sarcasm, when the only way to express is through words, which don't imply it is sarcasm. And yet here you are defending a stupid posting, for what reason I can't seem to picture. That definitely flies right over my head. You should defend the truth, not some BS comment.


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Ah lighten up, buddy. These are not BS comments and they aren't showing arrogance. They're just not stuck up and like to include a little humor in their lives. Might not be funny to you, but like beauty, humor is in the eye of the beholder. No need to be a buzzkill over a little bit of sarcasm on an internet forum :p