'Resident Evil' movie series reboot is in the works

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Constantin Film acquired the movie rights to the Resident Evil franchise in 1997 and put out the first in what would ultimately be a series of half a dozen films in 2002. With the arrival of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter roughly six months ago, many assumed the franchise’s theatrical releases would be going on indefinite hiatus.

That’s not the case, as it turns out.

Martin Moszkowicz, Chairman of the Board at Constantin Film, confirmed to Variety at the Cannes Film Festival that a Resident Evil film reboot is already in development at the German production company. The reboot will apparently consist of (at least) six films, the publication reports.

It’s not yet known who will direct the reboot, who will star in it or even how it will fit into the franchise’s existing narrative.

Several recent reboots, as you’ve no doubt noticed, have taken franchises down a darker path and have done pretty well at the box office. The idea that Constantin Film wants to bring Resident Evil back to theaters isn’t surprising considering how much of a cash cow the franchise has been up to this point.

According to Variety, Resident Evil has generated $1.2 billion worldwide and is the highest-grossing film series of all-time that’s based on a video game.

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She is becoming the domestic version of Ellen Ripley :) Also long past having any good idea.


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Once again proving, HollyWEIRD has no new idea...all they know how to do, is recycle the old stuff. Lazy...


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This is what I think hollywood should do. if you can make a movie based on a NEW idea then great. stop rebooting movies that were great and ruining them. what they should do is re promote old movies from the 80s 90s and early 2000s etc that were excellent movies that people either missed out on or have completely forgotten about. bring them back to theatres and let the adults relive old memories or possibly experience new ones. this would also benefit our children who a currently forced to watch these garbage cartoon movies and stuff when the old stuff was way better/


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Damn Hollywood! resident evil: the final chapter (before the next reboot). ;)
give us matrix reboot already!

everything that has ended, can be rebooted!

Uncle Al

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Yawn .... another remake with a different name ..... so, when is the next Gone With The Wind coming out and could they use that babe from the Matrix in that suit of heres ...... I'll bet Old Red "Will Give A Damn" when she shows up!


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It's the Activision model. If you don't have any new ideas, just re-release the same game with new maps every cycle. The film industry seems to have caught on.
Caught on? Come on, look at the Alien franchise or any number of other film series that have zombified! :)


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They could come out with something different they keeping releasing this movie on us all. The last one was so long and drawn out.. Another sleeper for me.. With the price of movie ticket these days that next movie better be a hit instead of bust.


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The first couple of movies were alright, then it started to be all fan service and suck behind movies. Hans bring the flamethrower.