Restarting issue

By Muhammad Usman
Oct 25, 2008
  1. AOA Friends:
    I am university student and i need help regarding my laptop(Compaq F572US) problem. It has startup problem...whenever it starts it donot goes in the bios to read the hard disk...rather it keeps on restarting after that until if anyone donot shutdown and starts again....i start almost 6 or 7 times then it goes in the bios and loads harddsik and os.....after that it works well in every case.....but again if anyone sutdowns again it makes start up problem every time when anyone shutdiwns it,restart it or hibernate it.....i don't know how this started..... my laptop was working very well one for one year...some days back this problem started its warrenty is also finished .. i dont know what to do with is only source of work for BS Software Engineering student.....So plz help me out......until it finishes my laptop completely...
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  2. kimsland

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    I don't mean to be rude. But I don't believe I can help you

    Your words are just too poorly written, and I'm concerned that this communication barrier may cause further not required posts. Due to issues with communication.

    Is there someone there, who can write in clear English, who could post on your behalf?
  3. almcneil

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    Trying to follow you cryptic post, I think the best place to start is to reset the BIOS to default settings and see if that corrects the booting problem. If that doesn't resolve the problem, then remove the BIOS battery backup, wait 10 seconds and re-insert it. Try botting again. If that doesn't work, try replacing the battery.

    -- Andy
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