Retrieving Deleted .NSF File

By davidvidal
Nov 26, 2015
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  1. OS: Win 7 SP1
    Application: Lotus Notes R6.51
    I accidentally deleted the whole lotus\notes\data directory (which includes an archived mail database) from c:\ on a PC and cleaned up recycled bin too.
    I want to get the archived database back.
    The archived database has file extension of .nsf
    I tried ntfs undelete program to no avail.
    Seems to me that there is something special about this type of file 'cos I was able to retrieve .doc and .exe files using ntfs undelete without any drama.
    Could anyone suggest any solution or tool to recover this .nsf file? Thanks!
  2. eriksen

    eriksen TS Rookie

    Nothing special about NSF. However, it is more likely to be able to recover a small file than it is to recover a large file, and mail files and mail archives tend to be large. That's probably why you couldn't recover it -- the files space was already re-allocated.
    I would stop using the computer and only use programs that boot from USB flash drive or CD, since any additional writing to the disk may cause data to be totally lost.
    Anyway look at Google these programs. There are many different.

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