Revised Apple TV to add touch pad to remote

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Apple TV is due for an update this summer and when it arrives, the set-top box won’t be the only thing getting a makeover. The Apple TV remote control, which has more or less stuck to the same design over the past eight years, will see the addition of a touch pad according to an anonymous employee briefed on the matter as reported by The New York Times.

As you’d expect, the touch pad can be used to scroll through the onscreen UI. The revised remote will be accompanied by two physical buttons and is slightly thicker compared to current models. The Times’ source said its thickness is comparable to the remote for Amazon’s Echo.

Most expect Apple to unveil its latest Apple TV next month during the company’s annual conference for developers. Apple TV refreshes typically involve an internal spec bump but with this revision, the company could also announce its streaming Internet TV service.

Much like Sling TV (and to an extent, PlayStation Vue), Apple’s streaming service will offer subscribers a small bundle of channels at a price that’s cheaper than a traditional cable package. In March, the rumor mill suggested the service will cost approximately $30 to $40 per month for a collection of 25 channels including most of the major networks (ABC, CBS and Fox) as well as other favorites like ESPN and FX.

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TS Evangelist
Im sorry, but whats the point in dropping cable if youre going to pay to get a pretty similar channel package thats just broadcasted over the internet instead? maybe you get 1080p, I guess, but then if your internet isn't fast enough, which is all too common in america, youre kind of out of luck with that.

also maybe it is just me but I dont think $30-$40 is much cheaper than basic cable packages?

Im just saying, the main advantage of internet streaming over cable is on demand choice, and I don't really see any point in this streaming-channel-package.