ri.exe - Wrong Volume

By irshad
Jul 14, 2007
  1. Hi,
    I have Dell-inspiron-6400
    I am facing worse situation now a days
    1- one error message appears to my laptop's screen
    "ri.exe- wrong volume", the wrong volume is in the drive. please insert volume in the drive E:.
    when this is cancelled, system hangs up and when restarted one black screen appears with the message "Missing operating System". other partitions on the disk also become corrupt.

    if i proceeds with the option of continue on the error message than same error comes with the drive E: and after that C:.

    All drives are FAT32 formated,
    C: -> 30 + GB
    D: -> 19 GB
    E: -> 20 GB.

    I have no clue to solve it.
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