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Right click menu option keep popping up on some programs

By Exploder98
Jul 18, 2009
  1. I have a Gateway p-7811fx laptop with vista 64 and keep having this problem with a right click menu pop up on programs like winamp, opera and hardware configuration. On certain programs a right click menu will pop up non stop and i cant use the program at all. The laptop keyboard doesnt work after I spilt coke on the keyboard so I use a usb keyboard. After that it started having this popup menu or key mapping issues with emulators. For some emulator programs it will automatically map a button called AppKey and i cant configure buttons with a usb to psx converted joypad on them. This also happened on other programs that i used but probably forgot about them and deleted them.

    I tried looking up everything i could to disable a right click menu or appkey but couldnt find anything. Tried deleting a window key registry(all i could find looking up appkey disabling in vista). Tried disabling the touchpad. I don't think its any kind of virus or spyware, i never detect anything.

    i had pictures of what happens but i need more posts so i cant show them.
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Whatever sticky mess is left under the keys is probably causing some keys to stay constantly pressed. In this case, one of the keys is probably your keyboard's context menu key.

    You should remove the keyboard (generally a reasonably simple thing to do) and submerge it in a half inch or so of +90% isopropyl alcohol (Warning: not 'rubbing' alcohol, isopropyl). Shake it around in the liquid and let it soak for a bit (let's say 30 minutes).

    When you're done, take it out, shake it off and let it try for a few hours in front of a fan. Your keyboard will hopefully work once again.

    You can find isopropyl alcohol at most big retails and any drug store.

    If you can't get it work, you may want to try disconnecting it completely or disabling the keyboard in your laptop's BIOS when an external keyboard is connected (if there is an option -- probably not).
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