RIM confirms BlackBerry PlayBook will support Android apps

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Mar 24, 2011
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  1. Although the device hasn't launched yet, many prospective customers believed the PlayBook's greatest weakness would be its lackluster app selection, especially when compared to the ecosystems Apple and Google have established. Eradicating those concerns, RIM has just announced that its upcoming tablet will be able to run Android apps.

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  2. matrix86

    matrix86 TS Guru Posts: 845   +38

    What people don't realize is that there is more than just App World. Crackberry also has quite a few apps and themes. I'm not sure what the total is combined with these two, but just wanted to throw that out there for any fellow blackberry users Though sad to say, come November, i'm going Android :p (ok, so i wasn't "sad" to say it...just being nice, lol).

    BUT ANYWAY! This is nice. We may have android apps coming to blackberry tablet and may have *limited* blackberry messenger coming to android. Nice to see the two companies trying to work together a little.
  3. mario

    mario Ex-TS Developer Posts: 398   +17

    Let's hope it is a good implementation, this kind of "portability" sometimes makes some apps look out of place when they are run on non native platforms.
  4. i'd be happy if they allowed us to finally use Skype on the berry platform - saw a screeny from the January Las Vegas show that had a Skype icon on the Playbook. It's the one crucial business app that iPhones/iPads get that we can't........come on RIM, sort it out.
  5. Yeah seems like they ahve been focusing all their attention on this tablet and not their phones...I have a blackberry storm 2..But my next phone won't be a blackberry as much I do love it. It just isn't updated and apps are very lousy compared to the other OS's.

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