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Jan 23, 2009
  1. Hey guys i've been looking desperately for a free .rmvb converter that would put it in a window media or AVI format. I've tried googling but all i get is the crappy "oh here a free one but it only works for 5 minutes of video and here's a huge water mark in the background" which is the most annoying thing ever. anyone happen to know of any or am i stuck having to find and buy one? also would be a bonus if i could get on that converts .mkvs as well but that's probably more rare.

    thanks peace out!
  2. hellokitty[hk]

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    why exactly do you need a converter, if you want to watch it on you pc, i recommend k lite codecs with the mega pack and 'lots of stuff' option.

    as for conversion, powerful programs like megui require you to have codecs anyway.

    im sorry, my shift key is broken...

    edit; megui will convert any format as long as you have codecs for it.
    as for simpler user friendly programs, i have no idea, i have always used me gui and virtual dub mod with stellar results.
  3. RogueDragon

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    well the reason i would like to change the formats is cause my dvd player has the capabilities to run videos in divx avi and wav formats off of a flash drive, cds or dvds so i'd like to watch my videos on there and maybe even free up some space on the hard drive at the same time. well i'll take a look into megui and see if i can work it. Thanks Hk :p
  4. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    MeGui (fixed shift key) uses Avisynth, so the operations are defined by scripts, which i actually don't even know how to do :). I can however, tell you how to use the GUI (hence meGUI, a GUI emulation of avisynth) interface and script creator effectively enough to convert RMVB and MKV to AVI. Note as far as i know, MeGui only allows MKV, MP4, and AVI outputs.

    Hope you have a fast quad, video work is highly CPU intensive, your profile says a pentium D...
  5. RogueDragon

    RogueDragon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    never mind i figured it out it's because i didn't have K-lite re-installed (recently changed hard drives) but i still couldn't get it to work. Though i did a bit of digging and found someone that posted a how to guide on how to use Virtual dub mod and avisynth and got it all figured out and i can do a 20 min video in less than 5 minutes :D thanks so much hellokitty and i plan on hoping to get a newer proc soon
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