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Jun 3, 2009
  1. Tonight I left my computer for a bit (30 to 45 minutes) and came back to find all my windows gone and Security System 2009 popping up all over. Background wallpaper was changed as well.

    Symantec had removed 8 various items automatically while I was away (2 "Packed.Generic.218", 2 "Trojan.Vundo", 2 "Infostealer", and 2 "Hacktool.Rootkit"). However, I went ahead and did some scans with Adaware and Symantic's full scan. Neither came up with anything, but the Security System thing kept popping up.

    So, I ran Malwarebytes. It found 11 things, some of which it deleted and others it removed upon reboot. However, upon a second scan, C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\str.sys (Rootkit.Agent) popped up again. Tried a couple more times, same result.

    Then I found this site, so started from scratch. Symantec found nothing. Used the CCleaner twice. Disabled Symantec. Ran Malwareytes again (rootkit still showing as present) as well as SAS (found nothing). Java is the current version. Ran Hijackthis.

    Logs posted as requested.

    Now, how do I go about getting this bugger off here? Or am I stuck with a reinstall?
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    Hello Kikaroo

    Please download Combofix from:
    And save to the desktop.

    Close all other browser windows.

    Double-click on the combofix icon found on your desktop.

    Please note, that once you start combofix you should not click anywhere on the combofix window as it can cause the program to stall. In fact, when combofix is running, do not touch your computer at all and just take a break as it may take a while for it to complete.

    When finished, it will produce a logfile located at C:\combofix.txt.

    Attach the contents of that log in your next reply
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    ( e r a s e d )
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    rootkit.agent str.sys won't go away in malwarebytes, my log file is attached

    View attachment 50179

    I am not sure how to start my own thread as I am new here but I am having a similar issue.
    rootkit.agent str.sys won't go away

    how this started:

    - my user downloaded some nice viruses from clicking a facebook link

    what I have done:

    - looked to do a system restore but there are no restore points in windows
    - ran hijackthis removed some other nasty viruses and spyware
    - ran malwarebytes 5+ times but str.sys doesn't go away.

    what keeps happening:

    - everytime I log onto windows xp pro, service pack 2, it gets through to loading settings then reboots

    I have followed the instructions I have found here and am hoping that someone can review my log file, like everyone else, I want to avoid a win xp pro rebuild. So, here it is, fellas. Any help is appreciated.


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