Rosewill - diamond in the rough?

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Mar 19, 2008
  1. I bought a 25 dollar rosewill full atx case from newegg about a year and a half ago that came with a 350W atx psu. Somehow it ran for 1 year running a full atx pentium 3 mobo with 3 hd's and a combo drive, lan card, modem, video card, and a fan. Then it ran for about 2 months on my micro atx mobo with a amd athlon 64 3200+, 4 80mm fans, 1 120mm fan, 2 hd's, combo drive, modem, and a nvidia 8600GT. Somehow it ran all that time with no problems ever. So i went with a new Rosewill Stallion 500w psu, and it hasen't given me a problem yet.
  2. Matthew

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    ...Lol Rosewill isn't exactly known for quality.
  3. Frostmonkey

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    I've heard very mixed things about Rosewill. I personally own a 17" Rosewill LCD (now a backup monitor since I have a Samsung 226bw) which I've had since about 2005-2006 I think. Never had any issue, worked wonderfully and still does. I also am using one of their PSU's on my current rig, so far so good - been running 4 months with the PC on for days at a time.
  4. mailpup

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    I've been reading some Rosewill PSU reviews for the higher wattage models and they are generally quite favorable. The reviews were for 600W and higher models and were done by various tech websites. So while Rosewill may have started out as a cheapy brand, it appears to be developing into a reasonably priced, decent quality brand.
  5. Matthew

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    Opinions vary :).
  6. Justin

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    Rosewill equipment is pretty terrible. I wouldn't put them up much over Ultra in terms of PSU quality. I believe Rosewill also uses Wintek boards as their base. You pay what you get for, really.
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