Router question


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I'm looking for an inexpensive router, any suggestion? The current router is downstairs, I plan plugging it in upstairs to boost the wifi. TIA :)


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ASUS and TP-Link have some pretty good routers.. Do you plan to have Consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Wii U) using the network?? If so just ensure the router will properly support it as some older models may not work well with them.


As to brand names; I'm partial to Netgear - - never had one fail yet.

As to crossing distance / heights; get a MIMO class device - - that means multiple in/out rf devices and always shows up as multiple antennas.

hmm; cheap on the pocket book frequently leads to an investment in time and frustration;
after all, you only get what you pay for :grin:


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Situation taken care of, I'm back on ethernet. Will get a router down the road, thanks for the input. :)