Router to router connection

By slap2dgroove
Jun 13, 2010
  1. Guys I just want you to look at my setup in my net cafe as of now if there will be some problems that may occur and I also have a question regarding this setup.

    ISP's are from same provider using a Motorola Canopy.
    Routers are connected for gamers to play LAN games.
    Router 1 has an IP of
    Router 2 has an IP of
    Default Gateway of Client PC's and Server 1 connected in Router 1 were configured manually to
    Default Gateway of Client PC's and Server 2 connected in Router 2 were configured manually to

    My question is.
    Will both of my Internet Connections work together?
    or One Connection will automatically shut down and all of the PC's will hook their internet connections to the other one?

    Any answers or suggestions to make my setup better will be appreciated...

    Thank you very much.
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