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RTX 2080 Super matches the Titan V in leaked benchmark

By mongeese · 41 replies
Jul 21, 2019
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  1. As seemingly happens before every GPU release, the RTX 2080 Super has appeared in the Final Fantasy XV public benchmark database with a score of 8663, roughly the same as the Titan V. It’s also 7.4% better than the regular RTX 2080, and 10.6% better than a GTX 1080 Ti (two cards which fight tooth and nail for superiority in every title).

    Nvidia has already announced the card’s specs (below) and it edges out the 2080 in most predictable ways: ~7% increases to base and boost speeds, a 10.7% boost to memory bandwidth, and 4.3% more cores. The TDP increases predictably, but the Founder’s Edition (pictured) keeps the same cooler. While the specs are impressive, it still falls a long way behind the 2080 Ti, which outperforms it by 15% in FFXV.

      RTX 2080 Ti RTX 2080 Super RTX 2080 RTX 2070 Super
    Price (MSRP) $1000 $700 (?) $700 $500
    Graphics Core 4352 CUDA 3072 CUDA 2944 CUDA 2560 CUDA
    Base Clock 1350 MHz 1650 MHz 1515 MHz 1605 MHz
    Boost Clock 1545 MHz 1815 MHz 1710 MHz 1770 MHz
    Memory 11 GB 8 GB 8 GB 8 GB
    Memory Bandwidth 616 GB/s 496 GB/s 448 GB/s 448 GB/s
    TDP 250 W 250 W 215 W 215 W
    FFXV Performance 115% 100% 93% 88%

    Nvidia’s website claims the 2080 Super outperforms the GTX 1080 Ti by ~35%, but they have cherry picked games and included two which use ray tracing, which the GTX series is not optimized for. Nvidia has a bad track record with ‘official’ benchmarks, so it’s best to wait for independent third-party reviews, like TechSpot’s.

    VideoCardz leaked the prices and release dates of the whole Nvidia Super series a while back, and they were right with the 2060 Super and 2070 Super. For the 2080 Super, they say it will release on the 23rd for $699, so we can look forward to its imminent appearance. And, of course, Nvidia is expected to bundle Wolfenstein: Young Blood and Control with purchases until August 18.

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  2. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 4,083   +3,629

    I can imagine very few 1080 Ti owners are going to upgrade over 10% for the same price they paid for their 1080 Ti 3 years ago. This card simply isn't enticing.
  3. Skjorn

    Skjorn TS Maniac Posts: 371   +208

    It's the only card im interested in right now but I have Maxwell in my system right now, not 1080Ti. This card is fully enabled, no disabled or fused off sections. The release of the 2070 Super using such a gimped die was a big no go. Original fully enabled 2070 or fully enabled 2080 Super are the only ones I've looked at. Been waiting a cool while for the full die TU104.
  4. koblongata

    koblongata TS Addict Posts: 212   +66

    Super confusing to me that is for sure.
    max0x7ba likes this.
  5. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 737   +293

    What I find interesting is that the Super 2080 is releasing at $700, even for partner cards but the original 2080 is $849 on sale for $719. Why the hell would anyone by that when a newer even only slighter better model is on the way for the same. Makes no sense why companies don't lower them more to get rid of them. Most only have a month to do so as new models are scheduled to hit stores by the end of August.
    Partner cards by the end of Sept. This for stores (brick), online may get cards before any store does.
  6. godrilla

    godrilla TS Enthusiast Posts: 88   +42

    My 2 year old ftw3 probably gets similar results at the same price 2 years later. Reminds me of Intel minimum ipc gains generationally! The post cryptomining era is still affecting enthusiasts. Unfortunately Nvidia wants enthusiasts to make for its losses. It is the worst time to be a gpu enthusiast.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
    Evernessince likes this.
  7. Shadowboxer

    Shadowboxer TS Addict Posts: 259   +113

    Remember when the 1080ti came out and was available for $650. At the time everyone was screaming about how awful it was because it was really overpriced. Well 2 years later and the same money is going to get you what, 10% more? (Or like 10-15% less if buying Radeon 7). Tech is very difficult to predict whether it will be a good buy.

    Still, any increase in this segment is more than welcome. With AMD being absent from the top end market for the last 5 years (with the exception of the short lived dismal Radeon 7). Nvidia just need to makes sure their cards perform better than the midrange to charge the high prices. So the fact that we are even getting that 10% is actually quite lucky.

    Hopefully Intel’s graphics department will step up. Someone needs to since AMD has been letting us down.
    havok585 and koblongata like this.
  8. amstech

    amstech IT Overlord Posts: 2,270   +1,479

    I just went from a GTX 670 running at 1440p/120Hz to a GTX 1080 running at 1440p/144Hz and holy crap what a difference.
    As far as the 2080 and 2080 Super, IMO if you have a 2070 or better your good to go, more or less, except for max settings 4K gaming.
  9. pcnthuziast

    pcnthuziast TS Evangelist Posts: 607   +204

    The super cards are nowhere in sight and anywhere I've seen them listed, but out of stock, they are selling for close to $700. I challenge anyone to find me an in stock price under 600. Guarantee you won't see that ANY time soon. Also pretty much guaranteed that a 2080 super won't sell for anything less than at least 800 for the next 6-12 months.
    Dimitrios likes this.
  10. BigBoomBoom

    BigBoomBoom TS Booster Posts: 61   +61

    Honestly, if people bought GTX 1080 or 1080 Ti when they released then they would have little reason to upgrade to any card this generation, from any side. RTX 2080Ti is the only card worth it performance wise but priced insane, and even still it's disappointing it's 2019 we only get that much performance increase.
    ForgottenLegion and godrilla like this.
  11. godrilla

    godrilla TS Enthusiast Posts: 88   +42

    I played Metro oxidus at 3440x1440p at max settings with tesselation advanced physx and hairworks on my 1080ti ftw3 thanks to gsync making frame variance so smooth. If you have an adaptive sync monitor it makes current hardware last longer. Pascal graphics card owners will benefit more from an upgrade to an adaptive sync monitor if you have not done so yet vs. than upgrade your graphics card to turing. Luckily Nvidia made freesync compatible with geforce. Thank you Nvidia.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
    Andromadus and ForgottenLegion like this.
  12. Mr Majestyk

    Mr Majestyk TS Addict Posts: 168   +129

    The 2070 Super often beats the 1080 Ti and is much better value than the 2080 Super IMO for $200 less. But I wouldn't upgrade the 1080Ti for any current card, I'm waiting for Navi+ and Ampere. However I also have a 1070 that will struggle with many newer titles at 1440p, so that's the card I'm looking to replace and on the balance I think a custom RX 5700XT is the way to go.
    darkzelda likes this.
  13. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,610   +595

    Yeah why compare it to a 2080 ti when you can compare it to a titan v in the title...
    "$3,000 becomes $700"
    Talk about misleading, am I on Nvidia or a so called 3rd party test site?
    havok585, GreyFoxx, max0x7ba and 3 others like this.
  14. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 737   +293

    Ive alrdy said when you'll see them. Most do not even have them or have even got them. Out stock is just a place holder for some stores till they become available.
  15. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 737   +293

    1070 doesn't struggle with 1440p. Most games you will hit 60- 80+ frames. If you overclock it, around 100+ frames.
    Now if you are looking for 120 or 144 frames, that will depend on the game and the settings you choose.
  16. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 4,083   +3,629


    According to benchmarks from Techspot the 2070 super is 7% slower then the 2080 (which is on par with the 1080 Ti). Given that the only Super card I can find in stock right now is $630 before tax, I'm not seeing that additional value materializing. In fact a xx70 class card for that kind of money almost seems like a joke. xx70 cards are supposed to be in the $280 - $380 range.
  17. Adi6293

    Adi6293 TS Maniac Posts: 242   +217

    Are you going to pay $700 for a card with only 8GB of memory?
    Evernessince likes this.
  18. Gmn17

    Gmn17 TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Now all I need is a 2080 ti super w 12gb gddr6 pls
    Andromadus and treetops like this.
  19. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,610   +595

    2080 msrp $699
    Nvidia does not go below MSRP. But AMD does. You have to buy old NVIDIA cards used.
    Radeon vii is used for mining and compute units.
    You can get over 60 fps on a 670 at 2k? Well maybe you play some old games :)

    https://www.newegg.com/msi-geforce-rtx-2060-super-rtx-2060-super-armor-oc/p/N82E16814137441?Description=2060 super&cm_re=2060_super-_-14-137-441-_-Product
    Newegg usually has them in stock. but idk why anyone who has looked at benchmarks would choose it over a 5700 xt.... Don't go to Amazon, they have terrrrible prices 90% of the time
    Ebay is another great place, just make sure whoever you are buying from is reputable.

    For the 2070 Super at this moment in time you can back order it on Newegg for MSRP, buy it on Ebay for a crazy 130$ mark up. Or check Microcenter
    Amazon 600$, looks like people are reselling these things to screw people over.
    The 2070 super is only 4% faster then the 5700 xt... again buy the 5700 xt for godsake
    AMD FreeSync is built on an open standard that is why you can use free sync with NVidia and not the other way around. Nvidia actually purposely disabled free sync for awhile.

    Last but not least why the Super series 2060 S 2070 S are a very bad buy.
    m3tavision likes this.
  20. ForgottenLegion

    ForgottenLegion TS Guru Posts: 420   +422

    Going from a 1080 Ti 11GB card to a 2080 8GB card?
    Not happening. I want an upgrade in all departments.
    m3tavision likes this.
  21. texasrattler

    texasrattler TS Evangelist Posts: 737   +293

    GBs don’t mean as much as you think. It certainly isn’t helping in FPS or anything, at least not 8gb vs 11gb. TechSpot has already done tests on this.
    1080 it is a great card to begin with, no reason to even upgrade for awhile. Want a upgrade then get a 2080 ti.
  22. ypsylon

    ypsylon TS Booster Posts: 169   +57

    In no way I find the idea of upgrading to 2080 Super interesting. If it was perhaps 200$ cheaper then maybe and very conditional.

    I have 3 1080Ti right now for rendering. In no way 2 2080S will beat that combo (2 because there is no single slot version of 2080/S or Ti). Furthermore performance for gaming from my point of view is enough for next 20 years (playing only ME Trilogy and World of Warships - the end). Plus it's 8GB of VRAM vs 11 which matters a lot when rendering. If anything 2080S is very mediocre sidegrade on 1080Ti.

    Yes, I know updated rendering engines starting to take advantage of 2xxx, but I expect 100% performance gain at least, not some paltry 10, 25%, for ridiculous price of upgrade again.

    I'm loyal nVidia customer for years (many issues with AMD) firmly in IRAY ecosystem, but they can choke it - Super scam.

    Now if nVidia managed to put that extra cores to work in for example ZBrush which is solely CPU-bound software then yeah, I would consider it. CPUs are very performance locked when dealing with figures of M of polygons. Pixologic you hear me?
    havok585 and m3tavision like this.
  23. Dosahka

    Dosahka TS Addict Posts: 155   +59

    Just to throw another bomb in here: Intel will enter dedicated GPU market in 2020 (there is an official tweet from Raja Koduri), as a 1080 Ti OC owner, I will wait what happens, how nvidia and amd respond to that next year, I expect to be overpriced (otherwise I will doubt it's performance, hehe) same as Nvidia. If it goes well, I might be considering to opt-in for an Intel card.
  24. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Evangelist Posts: 1,368   +1,005

    So should I trade my 2080Ti for the money for a Super 2080?
  25. m3tavision

    m3tavision TS Maniac Posts: 283   +185

    Nobody cares about the Titan V... they want to know how much more performance over the RTX 2080 does the RTX 2080 SUPER have, in games.

    And if it is only 10% then Jensen will be a laughing stock of the GPU industry. Because SUPER is all Nvidia has for the next year. Nvidia slow..

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