RTX 4000 rumors: September release, over 800W TDP


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which are said to consume over 800W of power.
This is utter hogwash. The new GPU's will not get anywhere close to 800w. 450W maybe, at the absolute most for the highest end card. NVidia is interested in pushing the boundary's but 800w is a level of madness no company should or would push to consumers.


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They should just provide an AC power adapter for high power GPUs, like a laptop’s external power supply.

Why? It'll only increase the cost of the card while adding an unknown quality power converter into the mix. I'd much rather have my choice of PSU then leave it up to the GPU OEM's profit motive. As well as someone else mentioned if you're buying a 4090ti with a potential cost of 3-4 grand springing for a 1000-1200 watt PSU shouldn't break the bank. If it does then you really need to reconsider your build priorities IMHO.