Rumor: Google Chrome OS tablet coming November 26


TS Evangelist
It was rumored in May that Google was developing an iPad rival, and an unnamed tipster cited by Download Squad has shed more light on the project. The device will supposedly use Chrome OS and it's being built by HTC, the same folks who made Google's Nexus One smartphone. Unsurprisingly, the tablet will use Verizon's wireless network, and it could be heavily subsidized or even free when purchased with a data contract. Note: the picture is a mock-up.

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TS Evangelist
I picture a giant HTC HD2 with google chrome on it which wouldn be kinda cool. I am always looking and hoping for a tablet to use for school maybe this will be the one.


TS Rookie
The Nexus one brought a resounding 'Meh' to the smartphone world. I almost expect the same of the tablet. I wonder if they'll make it require a google account to use it ? All the secrecy then the final device just makes you go: "Oh, ok...."


I can't wait until Tablets replace Laptops for everyday use.