It was rumored in May that Google was developing an iPad rival, and an unnamed tipster cited by Download Squad has shed more light on the project. The device will supposedly use Chrome OS and it's being built by HTC, the same folks who made Google's Nexus One smartphone. Unsurprisingly, the tablet will use Verizon's wireless network, and it could be heavily subsidized or even free when purchased with a data contract. Note: the picture is a mock-up.

Download Squad speculates Google's slate will use Nvidia's Tegra 2 platform and carry a 1280x720 multitouch display, two gigs of RAM, a 32GB SSD (at least), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE connectivity, along with GPS functionality, a webcam and expandable storage – but that's not from the source. However, the insider did say the release date would be November 26, which just so happens to be Black Friday, the busiest shopping day in the US.