Rumor: Windows 8 to have two user interfaces


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The latest rumors around Windows 8 have been posted by Windows 8 Italia, which explicitly says that the information is "unofficial and not confirmed" so we're definitely putting this one in the rumor box. Nevertheless, it's fun to look at what Microsoft may be considering for the successor to Windows 7 - remember, even if these rumors are correct, the next release of Windows could still end up being far from what Microsoft is currently planning.

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eww... I like my NT interface. :(

The only good news to me that I care about is the last two, since I intend to use SSDs in the very near future, and I hibernate my computer all the time.

Rumors of course, but either way...


The interface of Windows NT will be abandoned.

Could be going the direction of google chrome.


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Windows 8! Microsoft hasn't even let Windows 7 finish taking root in the market.
Who is going to buy a Windows 8 license, when they just spent $100 to buy a Windows 7 license, less than a year ago?


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Nothing so special about this list of leaks. The best one is improved SSD management. What is 2 interfaces? Is it similar to desktop switching in Ubuntu, switching from one desktop to another? or Is it just a simple theme change? I hope Windows 8 would make your life easier, faster and more enjoyable.


I call BS on most of these rumors for the following 3 reasons.

2012 is too soon.
3d interface has no business value right now
microsoft have never forced consumers to make any types of hardware changes



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Teamwork guy has a point... I'm thankful though that my university has a strategic alliance with MSDN and I get free of charge OS (Only a license... dont dream too much xD) =D


sure glad ive mostly migrated to linux, i sure wont be using windows again other than gaming on xp anytime soon it appears. ill abandon my aging hardware when its dead and/or too slow to be useful on the modern internet, not because microsoft wants me to.


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It will be 32-bit and 64-bit.
-- I've read differently. I've heard it is to be 64-bit only, but that was said probably a year ago. Maybe plans have changed.

It will have two interfaces.
I gather that the 'two interfaces' are one with 'Wind' and one without -- OR -- one in 3D and one in 2D. Wind might be more than just transparent glass etc.. It might be a novel user experience. I can't help but believe 3D desktops are pure, useless novelty still so I believe this is a distance possibility... They've been technically capable for a very long time but I've yet to see any sort of useful implementation. I doubt that will change with 8

The interface of Windows NT will be abandoned
The birth of a 3D interface could possibly be the death of the NT interface. If you're working 3 dimensions, then things like the start menu, task bar etc.. may be unnecessary.

Windows 8 will have a new fast hibernation system: in three to six seconds it will automatically save all open documents and running tasks.
-- Honestly, this is the LEAST believable. Hibernation works by storing addressed memory onto the hard disk. Maybe I'm not clever enough, I really don't believe there's any way around that especially with things like DEP. There are no big shortcuts here -- you either dump most if not all of your memory to a disk or you don't. What WILL make this possible is just the natural progression of storage media. Really fast SSDs in RAID should already be able to do this. Of course, that has nothing to do with Windows 8.

Windows 8 will intelligently manage an SSD, improving overall PC performance and minimizing RAM usage.
-- I think a new file system would have the capacity to do this and WinFS was supposedly going to achieve this... But reducing wear and tear now is not possible because the firmware controls where data gets written -- NOT the OS. I don't think we're at a point where manufacturers will stop writing wear leveling algorithms because legacy file systems will always require them.


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I'll delay any of my comments on the rumors, simply because I don't like to criticize too much before seeing an idea in action, but I will comment on anyone arguing the release date.
Aside from the gap between Windows XP and Windows Vista, it is common for new versions of the product to be released at a regular (three or so year) interval.
Release dates of consumer versions of Windows:
1990 - Windows 3.0
1992 - Windows 3.1
1995 - Windows 95
1998 - Windows 98
2000 - Windows Me (yikes!)
2001 - Windows XP (phew...)
2006/2007 - Windows Vista
2009 - Windows 7
*2012* - Windows 8? ... not at all unbelievable.


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Why are they still on x86, its time to kill it and force the market to go x64 >_>, bad Microsoft! bad Microsoft! no food for you today.


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I think a 2 interface option might be fine, if one is optimized for standard desktop use and the other is a true optimized touchscreen UI. It would definitely make it easier to cover the gamut of desktop/laptop/tablet hardware, and give users flexibility options.

But if it's just 2 different interfaces that are similar, but one has bells and whistles, and the other is utilitarian... What's the point? Make it possible to dial up/down features in that kind of situation, so you have some convergence.


Really, Windows 8? ... Bah! ... Bla Bla Bla!

6.2 = 6.1+0.1 = 6.0+0.2
Windows 8 = Windows 7 + 0.1 = Windows Vista + 0.2

That is a fraud!


Microsoft change the number of versions, just as soon as Fedora does with its version of Linux.
No other Linux changes so fast!


Is that mean the death of Linux once for all and let Microsoft re-control totally so a few will get filthy rich?


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^ what he said!

I don't need to be forced into hardware i don't require or bells and whistles bloat. I need my computer to fulfill a set of requirements that don't change on a 2 year cycle. If I need to run linux to do that, it's no sweat off my brow.

You people that want to 'abolish' my computer because it's not 64 bit can just kiss my backside.


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@vipor231, I have been hearing about Linux gaining traction for so many years now, but still less than 1%. It has it's uses It's a great operating system but, it's not a mainstream OS. The available programs are not ready for prime time. And they never will be. The mainstream user does not want to compile anything, nor do they even know what compile means. Nor do they want to know. The typical PC user is worried and confused when an install wizard pops up. Linux is an operating system for geeks, who don't game. So accept it and move on. As long as you have Linux, and you enjoy it, why do you even care? Something else to consider, if some developer ever dums down Linux enough for the typical PC user, you will really be upset. Because it will no longer be the geeky OS that you know and love.