Rundll32 wont run, and i cant access some of control panel

By Ty-Man
Aug 3, 2008
  1. Hi guys(and gals),
    This is my first post here, and i have a question. My computer is pretty screwed up with ad ware, not so much the malware though. I have ran EMCO Malware Destroyer, and it shows that i have no found malware.
    But to get to the point, the process, rundll32.exe-Windows, will not run any longer. I have tried to manually start it with the New Task(run...) feature in File, but to no avail.
    Here's where i think it all went wrong. When i boot my computer up, or log back on,a whole bunch of adware processes start up. So i would end the processes altogether. I kept the important ones, but i would end the ones like "mironfu188" or something and all the like. but i had a lot of Rundll32.exe processes, and i figured i would end those too. Apparently that was a BAD decision...
    I lokked at another thread on this site, that said to re-download the rundll32 process and save back to the windows file, System32. I tried that and renamed it(just like the post said to) Rundll32.bak
    So when i went back to Task Manager, to start the new task, it still wouldnt run.
    so i have ran out of ideas, and decided to ask you guys.


    P.S.-I never recieve the rundll32 errors like i've
    been reading about.
  2. Ty-Man

    Ty-Man TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I Fixed The Problem!

    Wow, im SO relieved...
    Well, i did the simplest thing to fix it also....
    All i had to do was to restore my computer to an earlier date.
    I thought i had already tried that, but i said what the heck, and
    just did it anyways.
    Well, when i logged back in, Rundll32.exe was back in my process list!
    So i was just letting anyone know, that my problem was self-resolved, and no need to reply now. Thanks!

  3. Ty-Man

    Ty-Man TS Rookie Topic Starter

    quick fix didnt hold :(

    Well, i've found out that restoring my computer to an earlier date works for about ten minutes. After that, its gone. Apparently there is a couple of rundll32 processes running, but aome of my games wont work, and i still cant get to the "Add/Remove Programs" part of my control panel. But i think its from limewire, cause this crap happened after i downloaded it.
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