Running across \ntldr & 0xc0000225

By Raider X
Apr 4, 2012
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  1. I have a dual boot computer that has Win 7 and XP. Originally I had clone both from an laptop that was an IDE to a desktop that's SATA. The clone was an success, sort of. When I attempted to boot from both, I receive the above message: "0xc0000225 & \ntldr" on both. So using the Win 7 Installation disk, I repaired it and got it working. However, attempted to boot up Win XP, I wasn't able to. How do I get it working again and would it boot if I change the boot sequence from Win 7 to XP?
  2. Mark56

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    The problem will be due to XP not having any SATA drivers and the clone will have hardware drivers installed for the other system, they all need to be removed and replaced with the correct drivers.

    To get XP to work you will first have to change the mode that the hard drive is running in from SATA to IDE. Or, you will need to integrate your copy of XP with the correct SATA drivers and then reinstall it.

    Slipstream XP with SP3 and SATA drivers
  3. Raider X

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    This is what I did... When I realized it was a boot manager issue from Win 7 and there were no issues from the XP sp3 side, I had to delete 7 and reinstalled it. It works fine now but I need to know what I should do in the future as I believe deleting the OS was a bit drastic. XP sp3 is the older system and the first one in but now 7 is the primary (something I didn't want) OS...

    Thanks for your help and I will check that web site you sent me.
  4. Mark56

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    This is the tools to use: EasyBCD
    This will make all the changes you need to do to the boot manager when adding another OS.

    This guide will help: Dual boot Windows 7 and XP

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