Russia accuses Facebook, Google of interfering in its elections


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Russia is well within its rights to do exactly what China did.

If you don't like Google, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter... BAN THEM.

Then I'll sit back and watch as your own citizens overthrow you from their thirst of knowledge and debauchery.
For many centuries Russians were denied freedom. Bravest of them killed exiled and imprisoned.
And such degrading inhumane practices have bred a new type of population: indifferent to freedom, cowardly, and unable to respect human rights in a broad spectrum.

And if you disagree with my statement, hey I didnt say all, just the majority. Best of them always fled looking for a more liberal and lawful societies.

I reread my answer and realized it isnt very clear what I meant to say. And what I meant to say was they wont overthrow their governments. They will suffer and suffer more.They will be abused or killed but they will sit in their houses quietly hoping someone will challenge the government, And when they eventually do, they ll just spill the blood mixing the blood of the guilty wit the blood of the innocent.

Slave spirit is strong. It grows into traditions and the way of life. People at the bottom feel small looking at someone in power rich as if this is how it ought to be. I lack words to explain this better but it is enough to say it is sad and disgusting.

But they got internet, and hopefully it changes things slowly. And hopefully one day they learn to do it effectively, but most importantly peacefully. there are more of them growing but on a global scale still so few. And theyr are young. They are easy to corrupt and to buy out(the best of them at least). They can be broken by prison time. They can be just broken inside, giving up and settling for what they got now or a bit better choice--leaving the country.
It's Slav, not slave. Though I agree with most of what you said.


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Actually he is right. Google and Facebook are known for starting social arrests, affecting elections, denigrating politicians they don't like, etc. Basically, we can say that FB and Google are rigging elections in BOTH the United States and Russia. And other countries as well. Which is quite in line with the Israeli agenda. Why am I mentioning Israel? Well... just take a look who has founded and who owns most of the top 10 web sites by popularity. Yeah... people with twin citizenship. One of which is always Israel. It doesn't matter what's their other citizenship, because their loyalty belongs to only one small middle-eastern country.


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I get a bit confused by elections and the concept of democracy these days.
Well, for one thing, the United States is NOT a democracy, but, a representative republic.
Big difference. The reason there is the spat because of the United States having an electoral college, is because we are NOT a democracy. A democracy would mean whomever had the most votes, wins. We don't operate that way. If we did, only the large population centers would receive any attention from Washington DC. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and a few other large metro areas would win any national election for some person. With the electoral college, EACH STATE continues to have a voice. The United States is (suppose) to be a group of independent states, that the federal government looks over to ensure commerce between states, and to defend those states from an outside group or nation. (how far have we gotten from THAT concept!) Even the president's title says it all. President of the United STATES of America, not the president of the United People of America. The genius of the founding fathers, to make sure the voice of the people of tiny populated states, can carry the same weight as the larger states, cannot be overlooked.


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Well, for one thing, the United States is NOT a democracy ...
To be honest that wasn't the bit that confuses me. The US system is just a different flavour of democracy (a representative democracy) and nearly all democracies are of this type.