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By Tanlic
Oct 9, 2010
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  1. Sorry if you guys have already covered this but I couldn't find a thread on it.

    OS Windows 7 I want to start in safe mode but when I press F4 the choice I get is start up repair or windows normally. using F4.

    F8 brings up my boot menu and F5 dosn't do the job either.

    Another nutty change from Microsoft I suppose but whatever it is has me beat.

    I did get in once but just can't get the options to come up again.

    I also tried using msconfig but when it opened my comp in safe mode I couldn't run the program I need to.

    The time I got in the normal way it worked fine.

    Any help would be appreciated
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  3. Tanlic

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    Thanks for the reply J

    I tried those MIcrosoft instructions and like most of their instrcuctions they are half baked.

    Not all computeres are set up to open safe mode by holding down F8

    My computer is F4 but as I say it doesn't give you a choce of safe mode.

    The two choices I get are Star windows normally or Start windows start up repair.

    However I discovered a website that said I should use mscofig. It suggested slecting diagnostic start up which does not react the same as safe mode. Programs that start under safe mode wouldn't run. I have since discovered how to get in so if anyone has the same problem here's exactly how to do it.

    For future reference:-

    To open in Safe mode in Windows 7 from desktop go start/search and type in msconfig.exe
    and open it. Click the tab BOOT at the top and select Safe mode and minimal. Restart your computer and it will then open in safe mode.

    Before leaving safe mode type in msconfig again and unclick safe mode. Go to general and click sart windows normally and restart your computer.

    Why Microsoft don't give that alternative in their intructions is beyond me.

    Thanks again J

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