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Sager NP7280 (Clevo X7200), can I buy it in Australia?

By Classic Rock
Oct 27, 2010
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  1. HI again,

    The title says it basically, I am very interested in buying a laptop and over the last few months I have been looking around to see what would be best. I would have bought one nearly six months ago when I posted a similar thread, but things happened.

    Anyway, the laptops that I am looking at now are from XotixPc, and I have narrowed it down to three models:







    Personally I like the last one, but then who doesn't : )

    While advice from the Techspot community is always appreciated, what I really want to know is if anyone here knows of an Australian retailer like XoticPc, cause I can't seem to find one. There are a few dealers, but they are way overpriced and don't even carry the Sager brand.

    Shipping and handling to Australia is very expensive, between $300 and 500 and then there is the import tax, which is 10% of the total price (Including shipping)

    As always, thanks for any input.

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