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Dec 29, 2008
  1. So I've searched this forum for a little bit and it seems like this virus is very popular right now. But i keep getting these popups and I've ran Malwarebytes and it's gotten rid of a lot of stuff but there are two files it keeps coming up with that will not remove properly ....


    It keeps saying they are removing successfully but every time I run the scan it keeps coming up. Attached is my hijacks log. Anyone who could help I would greatly appreciate it. Also if I could get an idea of where these viruses come from so I can avoid them and have the people in my house know what to look for in the future that would help. Thanks in advance!
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    I took all those steps

    I took all the steps listed in that post. I have attached my log files. Also while running Avira these two things are popping up every couple minutes but more so when I restart the computer...

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    Just whilst I'm checking the HJT log
    Please do a quick scan (not full) with Malwarebytes again

    BUT please update it first (it's on the third tab in Malwarebytes program -> Update

    Update then quick scan ;)
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    Main Start Page =
    Please change your Browser start page to

    Open HJT, run a scan only, tick and fix the following
    Then after fixing, run ccleaner:

    Then restart
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