Samsung 2232BWPlus display issues

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Dec 2, 2008
  1. Guys,

    First and foremost, I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue or a software issue. I hope you guys can clear it for me. This monitor supposedly boasts a 2MS refresh rate, etc.

    The problem is, when my XP is running , without anything else, no folders nothing, the screen looks perfect. However, the moment I turn on Windows Media Player (sometimes with other programs), then, when you look at the background wallpaper, you see what appears to be some form of flickering of sorts. Like how'd you see those flickering when you put a video camera looking at an old crt screen? I'm not sure if the refresh rate is not high enough or something, or if it is some other underlying problem.

    The moment I turn everything off, the flickering goes away and the monitor is all pretty once more. It's getting fairly annoying because even in pure whiteness, I can still see the flickering and it is annoying me to death. The flickering seems to be moving from down to up or something. It's not an OBVIOUS flicker. It is something really really minor. I don't know the exact term for this, dithering or something? I'm really lost over here. Also, when fast-scrolling through web-pages, I can see red/green/blue lines. But, the moment I stop the scrolling, the colors go away.

    Any ideas? Is the monitor faulty? Should I return it? Or is my Geforce Go 7600 too weak to support this 22" monitor?

  2. PoisonWolf

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    Guess what, I've fixed the issue. All I did was use a separate wall socket and now the screen doesn't flicker whenever I start Windows Media Player anymore. The fast-scrolling still causes the red/green/blue lines though. So I'm guessing that's just how LCD-monitors are.

    Does my laptop being plugged into the same wallsocket have anything to do with this?

  3. kimsland

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    Thanks for the update :grinthumb

    Normally plugging other devices into the wall socket should not effect your computer
    Unless it's some huge transformer (of which a laptop isn't)

    Have your power wall socket checked by a qualified electrician
  4. PoisonWolf

    PoisonWolf TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 31


    Also, I wanted to add. Apart from the flickering, earlier, when I started Windows Media Player, there would be a distinct buzzing/screeching sound coming from the monitor.

    After googling a while online, I came to find that some people suggested possible fixes for this issue such as increasing the brightness to the maximum (which supposedly removed the screeching). I tried this, but to no avail, whenever I started Windows Media Player, the screen would flicker, and the screech could be heard. My guess is that once the graphics card started drawing more power or something, due to video acceleration, the monitor is somehow related because they are drawing power from the same wallsocket. To prove this idea further, one guy even swore that he heard this monitor screech to the sound of his harddisk reading. Here's the post.

    One more thing, I would like to clarify that when I use the word "flickering", I do not mean that the monitor is shutting on or off. It's like your monitor surface suddenly becomes that of an ocean, from a top down view. Imagine these waves as being straight lines constantly moving, etc. I do not know what this effect is called. The lines are not that obvious, but it is noticeable and will draw all of your attention and quickly turn into a massive annoyance.

    So in conclusion, I am explaining all of this in great detail so that anyone who has a similar problem in the future will be able to read this and realize that the LCD/Plasma monitor is actually fine. It is the power socket that is giving trouble! Try using a wallsocket with little to no other power consuming devices. For those of you with screeching sounds in your theater system, it is probably due to the massive amount of electronics sharing the same wallsocket through a single extension cord.

    If you check my post history, you will realize that I have posted a problem with a buzzing set of altec lansing speaker as well. I am going to guess that this is also the same case. Something is definitely wrong with my wallsocket.

    I live in an apartment housing complex and I am more than certain that the entire apartment complex has been certified to meet the state's regulations. If anyone has had problems with their monitors producing a buzz, it would be great if you could try my solution and see if the problem goes away.

    I hope this post/finding is useful for everyone.
    P.S. Totally random, but my current brightness setting is 10. I'm considering putting it to 0 due how bright it naturally is. My eyes can't seem to take it. I'm amazed that some of you can actually stand monitors at a brightness level of 100!
  5. PoisonWolf

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    I've discovered something new, pertaining to the -source- of the screeching sound. I realize that my monitor still makes noises, but it is not as loud as before.

    1) All the aforementioned issues and discussions are pertaining to ground-loops and their effects on electronic devices. You can google this up to read more. If you have this problem with your monitor, one solution is to get an extension cord with a built in coaxial protection. That should get rid of the issue.

    Now, pertaining to the screeching, I've isolated the problem. It's the blackness. For some reason, it seems that this monitor "struggles" to produce darker colors and not so much for brighter colors, which also explains why when you adjust the brightness to the highest, the screeching "supposedly" goes away. I tested this using MS Paint, and filling up the screen with a white empty picture first. Simply by filling it up with black completely, the screeching/buzzing is instantly heard. (This is also why Windows Media Player caused the sounds, since the background color is black, and the skin itself is black. The screeching does not occur if Windows Media Player is minimized to its tiny size). I'm guessing that something must be going on in the circuitry of the monitor, something really excessive that in order to produce the "good blackness" that people usually want in LCD monitors.

    Anyhow, enough of my rant, hope y'all learned something new, I know I have.

  6. kimsland

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    More excellent posts :)

    It just so happens I was (well still am) a qualified Electrician, then went to UNI for electronics, (just a certificate there though), then finally found my calling in computers.
    Hmm, I wonder if I could answer your concerns :rolleyes:

    I read your first reply just above, and you were suggesting to ground the electrical wire (possibly ground-loops suggested in your second reply) Whilst reading it, I was thinking, no, no no that's just your monitor.

    When reading the 2nd reply (the last one above) I see that you have discovered that as all the electronics and capacitors and everything get too full (in power caused by excessive current) that a noise is heard. Certainly I've heard these noises (leakage) of electronics thousands of times, especially on old, and new! harddrives.

    So what to do..

    There is a slight possibility that you are close to the electrical circuitry in the wall, so you may want to test by moving the computer.
    The wires all over the place (assuming) or even poorly made power boards can cause interference too, ie Printer power cables, things like that.

    But it really all comes down to the monitor (Display, LCD whatever)
    This may not exactly be a warranty issue, but certainly there is a fault (in my opinion) Monitors shouldn't squeal basically! Even with color filling the display.
    Many monitors have speakers attached to them, or near them, first thing to do is move everything away.

    But in the end I feel the monitor will never be perfect, and eventually will die :(
  7. PoisonWolf

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    Thank you for the reply. You are actually right in saying that I am near to the wall. I actually placed everything very close to the wallsocket altogher. However, because I do not currently have time to fiddle with this, I will try and rearrange my room after the college semester is over and see how that pans out. Right now, I'm not sure if it's worth the risk hassling for an exchange (The monitor is 1 day old) for the risk of another monitor with dead pixels (This one doesn't have any), or do you think I should just stick with what I have? (Like I said, the noise isn't -that- loud, it's just something you'd notice).

  8. kimsland

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    Replace :)
    And test the new monitor before picking up, or ask them to do it, ie you're the customer ;)
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