Samsung fails to renew Galaxy Note trademark, further hinting at series' demise


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What just happened? There have been plenty of signs that Samsung is set to kill off the Galaxy Note series, and we may have just got the strongest indication to date. It's just been discovered that the Korean giant hasn't renewed the Galaxy Note trademark, signaling what could be the end for the long-running series.

GalaxyClub noticed that Samsung has recently renewed the trademarks for many of its phones, including the Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, Galaxy M, and Galaxy A series, but one noticeable absentee was the Galaxy Note.

We already know that there isn't going to be a new Galaxy Note this year, which would presumably have been the Galaxy Note 21. Samsung executive Koh Dong-jin back in March told shareholders that it could be a "burden" to release two flagships in a year, and the chip crisis likely played a role in the decision.

The missing Note trademark doesn't confirm the line's demise, but it's certainly an ominous sign for the device that helped popularized the word "phablet." The writing was on the wall when reports last year claimed that Samsung would be bringing S-Pen compatibility, the Note's most distinctive feature, to other devices. That was confirmed with the release of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold3, though neither has a dedicated S-Pen slot.

There's always the chance that Samsung will bring back a revamped Note series sometime in the future, possibly after 2022, but with the company putting such a focus on foldable devices, it's looking more like the Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra will forever be known as the series' last.

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Uncle Al

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What a pity, it was a good series that a lot of us ¨cheapskates¨ were waiting for to come down in price ..... sighhhhhh ......


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I think the S series has got so big that no one would be buying the Note for size alone, when I got the Note last year (and ultimately ended up returning it) I liked the pen, and mainly got it for the camera, but it was TOO big IMO (I don't have particularly large hands for a man).
The S21 camera is great, big but sits in the hand better, the main letdown is no built in pen - I bought one separately and I've lost it now so that sucks.


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The note made sense when they were putting phones out that most people at the time considered too big for one handed/regular size hand use but well now we commonly find devices 6.5-6.7" For perspective looking back the original Galaxy Note was I think 5.3" which is now considered the *TINY* version of the iphone and Samsung doesn't even make mid or high tier phones that small anymore and the original Galaxy S was 4"

If we go by the standards of 9-10 years ago any modern phone, even the tiny ones, should be capable of using the stylus and "Note" style.


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The issue is Note phone used to have everything, now Samsung in their wisdom decided to remove the headphone jack, SD card, but to their credit they added dead pixels.
Now Chinese phones are the most innovative with more features than the junk of Samsung Apple and the rest, and given that all of them are spying on us, security is an issue in all smartphones.