Samsung Galaxy S II gets 3 million preorders



Princeton said:
Jibberish18 said:
Dual Core Hummingbird PLUS working GPS? WIN.
Haha. My SGS has perfect GPS. Oct 2010 manufacturing update changed the gps chip.
Sweet. There was a SLIGHT possibility I would purchase a Samsung Mesmerize with US Cellular but probably not. Makes me feel better knowing they changed the damn GPS chip. Also it should be updated to 2.3 soon.


i live in Korea and my friend already has one, its ridiculously badass! absolutely no lag or anything, instantly responsive whenever you open any app. The thing is, once u buy one i can't ever imagine the need to upgrade? this thing does everything u'd need a smartphone to do instantaneously, heck its even more powerful than some desktops out there! I think smartphones have plateaued w/ the advent of these well implemented dual core smartphones.


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do want to play with it in store whenever it is released in the US. I AM in the market to replace my 3 year old flip phone.