Samsung launches free Galaxy S4 battery replacement program

By Shawn Knight · 77 replies
Oct 18, 2013
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  1. The same problem is occurring world wide. I bought this phone here in India about 2 months back on 14 Aug, and on 28th OCT it suddenly started draining very quickly. On check up with service centre they said "the battery has swollen and it is not covered under warranty." The worse they denied to replace it even under the warranty period saying that battery swells because of overcharging, user is responsible for swollen battery. The hell ... Samsung is sucking blood out of its customers... they are selling high price products calling it there flagships and that ship sinks within 2-3 months of usage.

    I and thousands of customers of galaxy S4 like me want the battery replaced with a genuine battery... here in India too.

    and please Samsung!!! stop making your customers fell like illiterate fools when they visit your call your after sell services.
  2. emtking

    emtking TS Rookie

    My GS4 battery life was fine until Samung pushed an update one day to I think Samsung Watch or something like that. It's the app where you can watch tv on your phone. I never used before, and don't plan to now. Since update, the little Samsung TV icon is always in the notification bar, but when I swipe down, can never find a notification from it. Can't remove it. Getting another MOTO.
  3. This is what I got reply from them

    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK1117901123626X
    Phillip: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    Visitor: Hi
    Visitor: How are you today?
    Visitor: I am having battery issues with samsung galaxy s4
    Visitor: it takes 10 hours to charge and drains fast
    Phillip: I am good.
    Phillip: I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with the battery of the phone.
    Phillip: I will try my best to assist you with this.
    Phillip: May I know the model number of your phone ? You can find the model number beneath the phone's battery which generally starts with SGH, SCH or SPH .
    Visitor: one minute
    Phillip: Sure.
    Visitor: SGH-I337
    Phillip: Thank you.
    Phillip: Since how long are you experiencing this issue with the phone?
    Visitor: Last one month
    Phillip: Does the issue occurred after installing any third party applications on the phone?
    Visitor: No, I checked everything and Disabled most of the features say 90%, like Samrt scroll
    Visitor: etc
    Phillip: Just to confirm, are you using the Genuine Samsung Battery and the Charger?
    Visitor: Even I ket the brightness of my screen to 10% only
    Visitor: yes
    Visitor: This comes with Samsung pack which I got it from AT&T before 5 months
    Visitor: This is the battery which intially comes with samsung galaxy s4 phone
    Phillip: Does the same issue persists when connected to the PC for charging?
    Visitor: When connected with PC its not charging at all
    Visitor: It shows its charging, but charging indicator satys at the same percentage after hour also
    Phillip: Does the same issue persists when connected to the different charger as well?
    Visitor: Can you tell me any samsung service center near nashville, TN
    Phillip: Our service center is only located at Plano, Texas.
    Visitor: I used the charger which comes intially with Samsung pack, But its charging When its connected to Power otlet but it takes 10 hour to charge
    Phillip: I would like to inform you that the issue could be with the phone or charger. In this regard, try to charge the device using the different charger and check if the issue persists.
    Visitor: I started charging the phone at 3 AM in the morning now its 12.05 PM. it only charged 77%
    Phillip: I do understand your concern.
    Phillip: To isolate the issue, try charging the phone using the different charger and check if the issue persists.
    Visitor: What is mean by different charger?
    Phillip: Try using the alternate charger to check if the issue is with the phone or charger.
    Phillip: Do you have any alternate charger?
    Visitor: No
    Phillip: Alright.
    Phillip: Lets try to hard reboot the phone and then connect the phone to the charger and check if the issue persists.
    Visitor: I done almost five times from 3am
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  4. Hi im from the Caribbean and I bought the S4 online. I've always been wondering if my battery is defective because the thing just wont keep charge. I mean I would have to charge at lease twice (sometimes 3x) daily. I would leave it on lets say 50% when going to bed . And would wake up with it at 8% or so, RED. and desperate need of charging. Is there any way I can get it replaced online. I dont have any samsung stores near me . Or I guess I have to wait till I visit the US.
  5. Battery life is terrible and the charges keep burning out. 4 car chargers and the OEM unit, the only one that works is my Ipad charger. Samsung should get normal people to design the soft ware for them
  6. Since the recent upgrade to the Gal S4, it often (not every time) will not charge on the charger until I reboot the phone. Is anyone else having this problem.
  7. Was very impressed with battery life on the S4. I've had it since August but all the sudden about 3 weeks ago battery life got cut by about 40%. It used to last all day and still have some juice left. Now I have to charge it during the day. This all started about a week after I did the software update. The phone would get very hot and the battery would visibly drain in front of my eyes. I went to Verizon and got a new battery and it's a little better but still noticeably not to par. I tried a factory reset as well to no avail. I'm tired of phones that don't have battery life. Why was it fine in the beginning and not now. Why can't stuff just work like it's supposed to?
  8. Battery on S4 has suddenly started draining as in 1% every 2 minutes. Vodafone are out of stock so it is a problem. Replacement soon under warranty. Doesn't mean it's a bad phone just a bad battery.
  9. Hi there, I also having the same issue living in ksa. is this battery replacement program also works here? thanx
  10. Bought Galaxy S4 2 months ago in September. The battery life was OK till last week when all of a sudden the phone started shutting down only after 2-3 minutes of any app usage. It won't restart unless connected to a charger. The battery would drain from 100% to 0 in 4-5 mins. The battery also looks a bit swollen. Talked to the nearest service center guy and he refused the replace saying the battery has swollen because of overcharging and hence not covered under warranty.
  11. The same problem am also facing in the s4 for the past few weeks ..after the 4.3 update..if connected to internet and use and app / browse for 3 - 4 minutes..the phone is dead..Samsung is disgusting..
  12. That's disgusting.. Spending so much to get one of the best phone and facinf battery issue..
    never expected this from SAMSUNG.. Battery drains fast and also swelling up...
    Does Samsung offering free replacement of bettery in India?
  13. I have had an S4 since June and the battery life has been awful since getting it. Tried to talk to a Samsung agent tonight and literally, this is what she said when I asked about the replacement program: "Katrina: I am sorry to inform you that there is no replacement of batteries on the US models as of now." I can't believe how awful their (and Verizon's) customer support has been related to this issue. Clearly something is wrong and it's disappointing they won't address it.
  14. Hi

    I recenly moved to smartphone technology

    I am very disappointed with the S4 as I have had continuous failure on my battery
    Even when full it suddenly fails and I have no service

    The cell doesn't even switch off

    This is a shocking and extremely poor display of your products !!

    On this basis I will review whether I purchase samsung again - already have a 40" LCD TV and digital camera
    I have lost trust in your products as a result and can't recommend it until you IMPROVE !!

    This problem needs urgent attention

    Most upsetting is when I spend hours downloading your latest software/firmware and I need to start over as the phone fails
    This has happened several times and I only had my S4 for 3 months


    A J Joffe
    Disappointed consumer
  15. Samsung customer service UTTER CRAP... Called Samsung customer service regarding the Swollen / faulty battery problem (which a worryingly increasing number of S4 numbers are experiencing) who gave me two options. One, send my phone in for 14 days, which is ridiculous considering it should only take less then 50's seconds to swap the battery. I could even do this myself at home (they wouldn't send me a battery??) Or two, visit my nearest service centre where they could swap it for me. I took the latter option, when I arrived (mid afternoon-ish) they promptly told me "The only person with the necessary skills to replace the battery had left for the day", I retorted - "I could train all the members of staff in the shop to change the battery in a s4, by simply pulling the back cover off and inserting the new battery" and also I would be kind enough not to charge them..
    But NO and I still have a swollen battery which makes the S4 the most expensive paper weight I've ever known.
    In light of their poor customer relations and service, I'll be thinking twice before purchasing Samsung products again.
  16. Well actuelly yeah I am affected I just charged it and I am texting suddenly the battery is 0 I think I am switching to iphone atleast that doesnt happen
  17. I had a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4 (GTI9500) battery (Swelling, Drain & Heating) and unable to switch on the phone and use it as it used to switch off and reboot and heat up. So I visited Samsung Service Centre in Ahmedabad, (Premium Services) on 29 November 2013.

    The customer care representative offered to replace my battery as its serial number was in the list of defective manufacturing list. They promised to replace my battery within 2 days as they had to order it. (God knows from where!)

    I've been continuously following up until today, 04 December 2013 and have not received my battery replacement yet. The customer care centre executive said they are helpless. It is ridiculous that Samsung does not have adequate stock for replacements and cannot replace a faulty battery at the counter!

    As a customer I have suffered a great loss at work as I do not have a spare phone and it’s been FIVE Days without a phone.

    It’s distressing that after investing whooping INR40,000/- in a Samsung mobile, I get this kind of service from Samsung!! It was my first Samsung phone and I now extremely regret the after sale services and product defects! Wish I would have opted for an apple iphone instead.
  18. mudbone

    mudbone TS Rookie

    I got my S4 the very first day it was available on At&t. I love this phone and have had no problems with the battery. I had a Motorola Atrix before this phone and the battery on the S4 last at least 20% to 40% longer. However I am in the habit of pressing the home button and killing my running apps. I also turn off the screen when not in use. This phone puts any iPhone to shame...sorry Apple buffs. I do believe that there may have been a bad batch of batteries released to the public but that happens in the real world. At least the battery can be replaced easily. Can't say that for an iPhone.
  19. Hi from Cape Town,SA
    I got my phone in May 2013. also worked well initially then noticed phone restarting. then battery died but upon charging showed 53%! Spoke to the dealer who is totally unaware that that there is a problem intimating it is something I'm doing.
    I was busy chatting to my 17yr old who is abroad and battery dies. went to another dealer to briefly charge- very helpful - who opened the phone and found battery swollen. went back to my dealer who now says I must pay for the battery which I flatly refuse to do. will print the above article and take it to them as they are to lazy to follow up even after I mentioned the recall of batteries!
  20. Chris van Wyk

    Chris van Wyk TS Rookie

    Hi, I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 from MTN Kathu on September 27, 2013. About two weeks ago I realized the exact same symptoms as described in some of the previous comments. Overheating, swollen battery, phone switch off when still having more than 70% charge and sometimes only starting up when connected to it's charger with 0% charge left on those occasions. Went to MTN Kathu on Saturday to ask for help and the lady there reckoned the phone should be sent to a repair centre and I would be liable for the costs involved. Nothing wrong with the phone though. She also could not sell me another battery as they did not have any in stock.
  21. When I first got my galaxy s4, the battery life was incredible. Unfortunately last month or so the battery is losing one percent per minute while I'm using it. I don't get through my whole day at school and I can tell you I am not on it 24/7. It is 100% charged in the morning and only 85% when I get to school only 1 hour after I wake up and I only use it for ten minutes after I wake up, I really hope the new battery I will hopefully receive will make my experience with my product back to normal.
  22. Battery of my S4 leaked just after three months of purchase. It also corrupted the software and the service center people can't seem to fix it.
    Samsung is a BS brand. I hate it.
  23. My battery life is ridiculously bad. I would say that I'm losing 1% per minute with nothing open. Going to head to Verizon store to see what they can do with replacement battery. I had Iphones before this and will say mostly disappointed with the phone.
  24. Got my G-S4 in July 2013. Just started experiencing extreme battery drain yesterday. Media, Android System & OS, and Google Services are the top battery users. Went from 100% to 24% in 5 hours. Not playing games, video, music... Also says the SD card "unexpectedly unmounted."
  25. Worst phone and battery I have ever seen and used!

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