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Samsung launches free Galaxy S4 battery replacement program

By Shawn Knight · 77 replies
Oct 18, 2013
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  1. Mine was fine for 3/4 months. then all of a sudden it would go into a restart cycle, until I put it on charge. the battery shows different percentages when it does this. I've seen as high as 90% and as low as 40%. It will claim to be fully charged in less than an hour.
    The battery has also swelled about 10-20%. the phone no longer slits flat on a surface (even with battery out). I intend to push for a handset replacement as well as the battery because the phone has warped slightly. and the constant restarting suggests a deeper issue.

    Hope this helps.
  2. My hubby's S4 phone have the same problem, battery drains fast. He charged the phone overnight and it drains in less than 24 hours. This is the last time I'll buy a Samsung gadget, learned my lesson.
  3. Having the exact same problem and quite frankly getting the a**e wit it now will have 2 find a samsung store and try a replacement in hope that works.
  4. Mrs Dafs

    Mrs Dafs TS Rookie

    I bought my Samsung S4 a month ago and the battery was ok until 2 weeks ago when the battery starts to gets hot while browsing a web page or playing games. I can not use my phone for more than 10mins without the battery getting hot. Does this mean that there is a problem with my battery.
  5. Does anyone have a update on this program? Is it still going on? I had my phone for about 3 or 4 months. The battery life was 'normal'. I charged the phone once daily at night. I use a lot of apps & internet. I have a live wallpaper going.

    Then one day it suddenly started being really hot, I mean hot. It was hard to touch/hold it. It would freeze a lot too. Oh yeah, the 1st thing that I thought was weird was that my camera would not work properly. It would say Camera Failed a lot. The battery now drains very fast. For example today, I took the phone off my charger at about 8am. So it was at 100%. Right now it's 9:34 and it's at 63%. I had 1 phone call that lasted almost 6 mins, a couple of texts and that's it. I have stopped using the live wallpaper, close out all apps, cleared the cache and even the RAM.

    It seems like I'm constantly using the task manager to close everything. Nothing helps. So what can I do? My phone carrier has people that don't even know how to access the task manager on the S4. So yeah, I would like to get in touch with someone who knows the phone.
  6. Unfortunately Samsung are using "their" outsourced service centres to replace faulty batteries. These are not all honest or accountable companies. I took my battery in to the Bicester Phoneland shop (Phoneland - Bicester, 19 Sheep St, Bicester, OX26 6JE, UK). They replaced the battery but they scratched the phone. They were rude and refused to take any responsibility for the damage they caused. Samsung also refuse to take any responsibility at all despite repeated phone calls and initially saying they would help.

    Please be very careful with trusting these service centres with your expensive phone or expecting any support from Samsung. I will not be buying any Samsung products in the future as a result of this as I cannot trust their warranty processes.
  7. Nick I

    Nick I TS Rookie

    I'll hold off on the final review until after I visit the Sprint store but I am definitely not happy with my S4! I purchased one the first week of December 2013 then on the 27th I experience the so called Black Screen of Death.

    Apparently the store employees are the only one's out there who have not heard of this phenomenon despite numerous stories on the web about the S4 inexplicably not powering on. (I should've done a bit more research I guess before getting one!)

    So a week later I get my "new" refurbished S4. Now 3 weeks later the same damn thing happens again! I really hope that something can be done because I do not want another S4. I need to switch to a non Samsung Android phone.
  8. Yep, had this problem with not only my S4 but S2 as well. Battery bloated so badly after 5 months that it pushed the front screen out and away from the casing?!

    Samsung were aware of the battery prob before doing anything about it. They had to go into 'damage control' after so many faulty units reported.

    I've ditched Samsung for good. As far as I'm concerned, knowingly allowing faulty product on the public is socially irresponsible. Never going back.
  9. Wikusterblanche

    Wikusterblanche TS Rookie

    Hi there, I got my S4 in July 2013, since August 2013, I had to literally charge it everyday. Now it is so useless, that I fully charge it during the night and unhook the charger when I wake up during night time, then I'll have to charge again before 16:00 that same day. It really feels like it is going downhill from here.
    Wikus Terblanche, George South Africa
  10. marzuka

    marzuka TS Rookie

    im from bangladesh and I have been using s4 for 8 months now. It was great until recently and I love my phone. Irarely ever use internet, never multitask and never talk with the charger plugged in But since last week I am having battery drain issues and its swollen. I just want to know if Samsung will still offer free replacement of battery after 6 months of use. Please please please help!!!
  11. Swestbury

    Swestbury TS Rookie

    I am from the UK. I have only received my samsung s4 in less than a week. I am still waiting to enjoy using it. The battery drains faster than the speed of light. I charge it for few hours until the sign "charged, unplug" comes up. I don't even get time to ring more than 4 people in the day the battery drains again. Then I charge it again a few before I go to bed until it's fully charged. When I wake up in the morning it's completely drained again. What is going on with this phone. I was so looking forward to enjoying using this new phone. I'm very dissapointed :( My last one which was Samsung S3 had no problem like this. Please help, it's so frustrating!!!
  12. Chombe Anagaw

    Chombe Anagaw TS Rookie

    I am from Ethiopia
    Where is the link to take advantage of these replacment? I very disapted please I need your help as soon as possible.......
    Dr Chombe A.
  13. Ahabyah

    Ahabyah TS Rookie

    My battery is one affected. I've had this phone for 5 months now. It doesn't matter if I fully charge my phone within 30 minutes the battery goes DEAD! I haven't even exceeded half of my usage rate. Besides the battery issue, this is my second S4 because the first had to be replaced. Something went terribly wrong with the microphone/speaker. I am very disappointed in this phone. I expected a high quality phone considering the price and that it's "Samsung". I will never buy another Samsung Android. Now I have to go to this place and hope that they give me an new battery! A waist of my time, energy and gas....
  14. prettysexilady

    prettysexilady TS Rookie

    I have had my s4 since September and now I'm experiencing battery problems. The battery takes all day to charge and when it finally gets to 100% within an hour it is down to 60% with minimal use. Within two hours I'm at 38%. How can I get a replacement battery?
  15. mruga

    mruga TS Rookie

    I have only had my s4 for a month and a half at first my battery was awsome now it drains down in a matter of an hour. where are these so called replacement centers at. some one please help
  16. March 27, 2014. T Mobile Galaxy S4 battery issues. My battery, charging with the phone off, when turned on, says 100% and drops by degrees faster than I can keep up with. I watch it drop just by turning it on to check it. Dropped 27% in 1.5 hrs with one call, a solitaire game, and looking at apps to see what I NEED versus what apps I can DROP. ALWAYS close apps with the hold down button when done with anything that I use on the phone. Am now on my laptop so that I have battery life on the phone. After that nasty firmware update, T Mobile had to install a new SIM card because there were demon sounding noises, as well as severe static, and numerous dropped calls. (I lost contact with people over that one and had to go to Radio Shack to install PHONES in the house that work off the cable line (used for a business fax yet had to turn rings up to use HOUSE PHONE over the $100+ a month bill I pay for the cell!) The new SIM resolved the majority of the demon sounds and such yet I had to stop into the store again because the back of the phone felt like it was going to go on fire it was so hot: they put another battery in. The phones been heating up pretty badly for a few months now and I had to shut the phone off for the past few days: last night I couldn't use it because I did not want a fire it was so hot. Numerous issues with this Galaxy S4. Very disappointed. I like Samsung yet this particular model is not working out that well. Hoping to hear good news on the S6: skipping the S5 because already reading not so good reviews and it's not even out yet! May have to find another brand of phone if this keeps up. $600 is a lot for a phone that's acting up so much. Not an IT so I cannot even 'root' or uninstall too many things because I do not know enough still. Need classes to keep up with these smartphones! Love the camera and that is why I buy these darn things! Woe is me to the advances and progress in technology!
  17. I'm with you on this one...there should be a class action suit. My Samsung Galaxy S2 from Sprint went haywire also...guess I am a glutton for punishment. Now I need to look into another brand...can plainly see this. You are not alone.
  18. I just replied on another post...about the issues with my S2 through Sprint as well as the issues with this S4 through T Mobile. Was thinking it was the carrier yet dawning on me that I am supporting a brand that will not admit it is faulty...mmm...mentioned class action. That is $1,200 on just 2 phones in 2 years! Darn, I feel really stupid right now.
  19. Visited a verizon store yesterday after my S4 completely lost service. Did a hard reset and it wouldnt activate. The verizon guy stated that he had no idea what the problem was but ordered my a new S4 or more likely a refurbished. Anyway, he also showed me my battery and how it was soft and squishy. Stated he saw this with "overcharging". I never over charge since the s4 charges to 100% so quickly. I wish I could send them this post because he was trying to blame me even though it had nothing to do with the phone malfunctioning. He also stated he thought my internal antennae just stopped working therefore no service.
  20. DaRastafarian

    DaRastafarian TS Rookie

    My phone has been doing exactly this, and it has been driving me insane. The phone can be plugged in and if I am just surfing the web the battery still drains. I even bought a special charger so that it would charge faster and so hat I could use it while it was charging, but now I know what the issue is and, if I could please please get a new battery for my phone I would really appreciate it.
  21. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,549   +235

    Not the place for this, but...


    Problem solved.
  22. My be and I just got the s4's. The battery doesn't last half the day, and I barely use it. I was looking into buying another battery just to switch halfway through the day, and I kept finding forums of people complaining about the battery life. Didn't realize so many people were having the same problem as me. They definitely don't last long enough.
  23. Nichole Marie

    Nichole Marie TS Rookie

    Ughhh most annoying thing ever! I'm so sick of my flippin phone dying every 5 mins. I can charge it over night and it will still be at 30% and then it will die literally an hr later. Some chargers work better than others but none are working anywhere close to what they are supposed to! Its getting ridiculous and hopefully they will give me a battery for Free
  24. Wongisa

    Wongisa TS Rookie

    I am also experiencing a problem with Samsung S4 battery I have to put it on a charger always.
  25. I have had my phone for 1 1/2 years. All of a sudden my phone won't take a charge. Went to Best Buy and dealt with a Samsung tech. No help at all. She told me to go to Battery Plus. He sold me a universal battery charger. So far no luck. Very upset that the Samsung tech did not offer any advice or help other than to tell me she doesn't know exactly what the problem is. If I cannot get this resolved fast, I will not buy another Samsung phone. I am not able to upgrade yet because my contract is not up. I need my phone otherwise I wouldn't have bought it, now it's sitting and I have to pay for something that I cannot use. Samsung, stand up and help me out.

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