Samsung launches "try before you buy" program in select markets

Shawn Knight

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Samsung has launched a new program in which they'll allow potential customers to try out select Galaxy smartphones and smartwatches for up to 21 days before making a decision on whether or not they want to make the purchase.

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I'm not an American but if I was in this location, ◾Houston/The Woodlands, TX: The Woodlands Mall, I'd participate in samsung's 'try before you buy' and disappear alter into the woods. :)

seriously, this is one good business practice. the consumer can try the digital devices he likes at minimal risks to him. it's like a software free trial in which the satisfied customer can buy the program anytime during or after the trial period.


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In Canada, we have had this for years... all purchases from ANY cell company on ANY plan come with a 14 day 100% no commitment money back guarenttee. Conditions are standard based at <30 mins talked and can't recall what the data and the text times are, would have to look it up. If you aren't happy with your samsung phone or ANY phone... turn it in (box and reciept) and walk away. This rule doesn't apply to pay-as-you-go phones.
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