Samsung loses U.S. trial, owes Apple more than $1 billion in damages

By Julio Franco ยท 93 replies
Aug 25, 2012
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  1. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,362   +276

    US Illegal System. The system is utterly terrible, the whole Government is.
  2. with this, hopefully Samsung will learn that next time, they should develop and innovate their stuff not just copying. Meanwhile, as for Apple itself must remind that this kind of event could be happen to them too (or backfire to them).. their hands is also dirty as well.. but we just don't know that yet..
  3. Well, I guess I will no longer be supporting Apple by buying their products. The list of innovations that they copied from other companies and patented as their own is endless. Thanks for putting actual innovation and creativity on the back burner. Try actually inventing something instead of just stealing others ideas and making them prettier. I know where my money will be going now. Anywhere but Apple.
  4. Apple will surely go down soon. Patents they were fighting over with Samsung are funny. Rectangular tablet, phone? How else should they look like? Apple itself copies Android (for example drop down notification menu), shame that Google doesn't fight them back too but judges are biased because Apple is "so american". Anyway I was considering to wait for iphone 5 to see how it is when it comes out but after that I'm buying Galaxy S3 right from the shelf. Seriously, **** Apple and their big "fans" who can't see world behind their overprices ****.
  5. Jim in NC

    Jim in NC TS Rookie

    Does Apple really believe that people go to buy an Apple phone and accidentally buy a Samsung phone because it looks similar?

    Hopefully the Flat Screen TV companies won't notice that all their products seem alike and start getting lawyers and suing each other.

    Thankfully our prehistoric ancestors didn't go after each other with clubs when similar wheels started showing up on carts. Probably the club manufacturers didn't notice that most clubs looked and worked alike.

    But back then lawyers hadn't yet de-evolved from the prehistoric bloodsuckers rex.....
  6. That is a truly fckued up legal system. The jury must be retarded rednecks. Only in America can the ignorant be allowed make billion dollar decisions. Little wonder Apple exploit this. Can we expect their next logo to have the stars and stripes ? It's a shame on a great country.
  7. zorg

    zorg TS Rookie

    You are right on the mark, we need to keep pointing out that patents working this way suck.
  8. Karmic debt is a *****. This win was way over due to Apple. The company was nearly destroyed in the past with the PC copy as well as the Microsoft windows copy. Samsung thought they could get away the same way as Microsoft did in the past and the whole pc industry. Remember how no pc in the past had a gui they only had command line and dos. Then came windows that totally copied what apple was doing with gui. Apple faced bankruptcy for all the undercut sales where products were priced at a ridiculously low price. So this Karmic debt was over due. Samsung thinks we are *****s to believe that they were only nailed for the square shape. If you look at the phone all is copy. You look at the screens huge size as versus the open up flip phone that is used to me with just the key pad. Also phones never used to have computer like keyboard interface or even desktop like environments. Apple brought all that to phones. The closest coming in the past was nokia not Samsung with their games on the phones. The pop up keyboard the photo editing software. All the office suites. Productivity software being totally alike. Now don't get me wrong I am against good technology not being used in everything everywhere but not at the expense of making a good company going away. These usages should come at a price to facilitate the survival of the company that is being blatantly copied. As far as the price being high this is why the price was high for they did not get the alternate stream of income from Samsung to off set the research spent on the phones. So Samsung is a direct cause for that. Also the high price Samsung charges Apple as a supplier. Hopefully all Apples copiers get it too. So this time the best company in the world don't go under by all these would be under cutters. Also face the fact America. You lost all your jobs because of your cheap shopping nature. Instead of paying the price for a good product you had to buy all the chip s h e t from china and killed off all your major industry. Nothing is made now anywhere else but China. Instead of making buying decision on what lasted you bought a cheap thing that lasts one 10 th of the use and now everything in your market is near crap. Same goes on around the world all follow suit. This is why economy crashes everywhere for you can't have a good economy without producing. A nation without products and industry is a nation headed to failure with paper value shuffle.
  9. Divvet

    Divvet TS Member Posts: 57   +19

    Sorry I read that far and your comment lost all credibility. Windows copied what Apple was doing with the gui?.....

    Which was copied from... er..... Xerox..
  10. Divvet

    Divvet TS Member Posts: 57   +19

    wow I got 4 lines further in, seriosuly, what are you getting your info?

    Apple has invented NOTHING! Please read more history and get your facts straight.
  11. Odd that the outcome was so dissimilar to the one in the Korean case - I wonder what could have made such a difference?
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  12. Apple didnt copy Xerox, they gave Xerox a shtiload of shares for a GUI that Xerox was doing nothing the rest of the world thats called buying, not stealing. Know your facts.
  13. I am not an Apple or Android fanboy by any stretch but I am happy with this ruling. Not because Apple won or Samsung lost but because phone manufacturers and Google will be forced to come up with something unique and possibly better than iOS and Android. I was soooo bored with smartphones (and I have owned many) that when the Lumia 900 came out I jumped on it because it was different (and better IMHO) and never looked back. Looking forward to trying WP8 soon and also BB10 if it ever comes out. In addition this is certainly going to help WP8 as phone OEM's start looking for alternatives and WP8 could be it. Yes, maybe I am a windows phone fanboy for now. I'll get bored with that eventually too but when I do I hope there will something new out there instead of the same ol rehashed crap.
  14. Also if you read through every document and every piece of evidence in the trial you'd know that Apple isn't as much of an "evil corporation" as you think. Samsung was approached by Apple in 2010 and they were told that they were infringing but they did nothing. Alternatively Microsoft PAID to LICENSE apple's patents for the Surface. No doubt there's something wrong with the patent system but it doesn't mean Samsung wasn't wrong here. Again, know your facts
  15. PC nerd

    PC nerd TS Booster Posts: 317   +41

    Apple bought the courts then?

    Utterly ridiculous and disgusting how Apple is allowed to cheat it's way to the top of the market.
  16. morip

    morip TS Rookie

    Well like, it was people that voted.
    like, .. idk man, just. you know, its just the way it is, but the law did not decide the 1 billion. the people did. right?
  17. Mr Zea

    Mr Zea TS Rookie

    Im not a fan of either company to be honest, but Apple p*ss me of. I know its old news, but how can they "steal" from xerox then take microsoft to court, then say...

    "We applaud the court for finding Samsung?s behavior willful and for sending a loud and clear message that stealing isn?t right."

    I say we all buy windows phones, just to p*ss apple off! :D
  18. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,362   +276

    Which People?

    US isn't a true democracy.
  19. EEatGDL

    EEatGDL TS Evangelist Posts: 560   +237

    I've said it many times before, but now I can't see the positive thing here. 1 billion in damages?! Who will care about selling and innovating when you can sue the competence and win the lottery.
  20. ReederOnTheRun

    ReederOnTheRun TS Booster Posts: 304   +62

    Pretty much. But I know there are monopoly laws somewhere, even if they have yet to make an appearance so far. If things get too bad, the average consumers will realize how awful Apple's ethics are and make a public outcry about it. After that someone in power will take action against Apple to keep the people happy. Hopefully, at least.

    One things for sure though, there's no way I'm buying Apple products anymore.
  21. inventix1136

    inventix1136 TS Rookie Posts: 85   +14

    I had a ipod touch (4th gen) and while the OS was nice, I couldn't stand the restriction of having to go through iTunes for virtually everything. I think Apple is getting a little scared because while they do have a large market, it is dependent on two to three products for 70%+ of their revenue -- and the products and the OS are starting to look dated.
  22. Apple DID NOT give anything to Xerox, Xerox gave the interface away. Bill Gates just took the idea and went further with it as it didnt actually belong to anyone anymore. Xerox didnt care who had or did what with the interface. Some say Gates stole it from Jobs, maybe he did but Xerox just basically gave it away( to Jobs ppl assume). Gates took the interface and would make Windows out of it. If Jobs had did a better job of securing the interface maybe Gates wouldnt have had a chance at it but he left the door open and Gates took advantage of it. Business 101.
  23. Great verdict, it is obvious that the S Korean and Chinese tech companies have ripped off Apple, I know there are a lot of Apple haters out there, But, Apple innovates where as the rest copy, come on, if Samsung came up with the UI first, they would have introduced it before the iPhone did, but that did not happen, did it?
    Interestingly, a S Korean high court sided with Samsung, clearly that court was playing favorites, and I think the EU has also ruled for Apple.
    Give Apple it's due
  24. I guess Microsoft wins, because now that Android is illegal Windows 8 will be the most popular mobile OS that doesn't have rectangles with rounded corners.
  25. from the beginning Apple knows that Samsung gain access to iPhone's design and start to copy their product since Apple ordered Samsung to manufacture iPhone's processor (and maybe several parts too). But the funny thing is, despite Apple already knows it, why they (apple) just don't stop/break their partnership to prevent this before happen?

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