Samsung monitor beeps and shuts down after about a second

By Tommygunn
Oct 10, 2016
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  1. I have a Samsung Syncmaster 920n, which is about nine years old, and just this morning it has started acting up. When it gets powered up, either from switching on the mains or the standby button, if flashes up the desktop momentarily, beeps for a split second (never heard my monitor beep before) and shuts down to black.

    I presume this is some sort of power supply issue, I.e. a capacitor or two have blown.

    Anyone with experience of this able to confirm this likelihood before I dive in.

  2. Techstar

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    Try a know good monitor to isolate the cause to the monitor and not to the device it's connected to. If it's bad you can fix it, have it fixed, or my choice would be to replace a 9 year old monitor with a new one, they are very cheap now.

    You could buy a repair kit of 6 caps for 11.00 or the same monitor today for 35.00.

    But then you'd still have a 9 year old monitor (that was actually made 10 years ago) and have to use VGA connections still.
  3. Tommygunn

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    I fixed it. It was a bulged and dry 420µf/25V on the power supply board.
    The monitor works fine now.


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