Samsung rumored to launch next three big handsets at monthly intervals


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Recap: We’re just under six weeks away from Samsung’s (online only) Unpacked event, where the company is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 20 along with the Galaxy Fold 2, new Galaxy BudsX, Galaxy Watch 3, and possibly the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition.

While Samsung’s three big handsets are being revealed at the same time, they won’t be released simultaneously. That’s according to South Korean media, which claims the devices will launch one month apart.

As reported by SamMobile, Samsung’s Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-yong, is said to have met with other execs earlier this month to review the company’s management strategy and discuss launch plans for the second half of the year. According to industry sources, it was decided to use a monthly release schedule that starts in August with the Galaxy Note 20.

Following the Note 20’s launch, Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold 2 in September and the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition in October. The wearables, meanwhile, will reportedly launch alongside the Note 20, which makes sense.

With Apple’s new line of iPhones usually launching in September, Samsung could draw some of the spotlight away from its rival if the Galaxy Fold 2 arrives around the same time.

We've also heard that a new, 5G-capable Z Flip and Galaxy Tab S7 tablet will be announced at the Unpacked event, but there's no word on when they might launch.

As is usually the case, the next Galaxy Note series will be similar to this year’s S-series, though the standard Note 20 model is rumored to use a 1080p/60Hz display. The phones are also said to feature flatter screens, rather than the curved design found in previous Notes.

The S20 Fan Edition is essentially a slightly trimmed down version of the S20 that boasts some of its flagship features—Snapdragon 865, 5G—but costs less. Previous rumors claimed it would launch next year following a CES reveal, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Samsung’s Unpacked event takes place on August 5.

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They'll probably crush blacks or have screen issues like most recent Samsung phones (from s9 onward) making those "beautiful" screens useless for video.

Then they'll fix it with a software update only to break it again forever later down the road.

Loved my s9+ but it still has serious black crush which was reintroduced in an update and Samsung isn't fixing it. Have to go with a different brand when I upgrade this year. Done with Samsung.

Mr Majestyk

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Samesung can’t do decent image processing, it’s always been that way. Their sharpening is heavy handed, the colours are too saturated, the contrast is too high. They need to output RAW so you can process it yourself.