Samsung's next Odyssey G9 monitor listed with 2,000 nits brightness, Mini LED tech


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I made it because, for example, Samsung made TV's with over 50 zones (with miniled for backlight) back in ~2015 (do your "google search"). If someone is still selling those things for $2000 and people buy them - go ahead, buy one. It's old tech, period. They increased number of miniLED's but it's the same tech. Me, seeing someone getting excited over being milked for 200 or 2000 zones (over 20.000 zones and up that microLED is offering) for thousands of $$$ is amusing. It has nothing to do with google search (I don't even use google search to search), I follow display tech.
It's up to companies when they are going to drop exclusivity and start mass producing microled films in a form that can be cut down even to 23". Yes, atm, they are not making microled films for anything smaller than 67~68"

edit: feel free to correct me with some links if you still feel I am in the wrong. From my perspective, investing in monitor with miniled today (you could have done that 2 years ago, Phillips had an ultrawide monitors with minileds, probably other brands too) is..meh. In Perspective, it's worth waiting for the real advance with microleds.
This is my understanding as well. The cost just isn't worth it at this point. It could be another 5-10 years before we see them available in a consumer market. So if someone is looking for a TV today, I wouldn't wait for microLED. OLEDs are great, you really can't beat a newer LG display when it comes to the quality and features available. They are a bit more expensive though. I wouldn't buy anything that doesn't at least support HDMI 2.1 as well. There are plenty of TVs that are available in the mid range that are definitely good enough for most consumers buying a quality TV.

This is besides the point that the display in the article is a monitor and is aimed at PC gaming, which is likely why they are using a VA panel.


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Well, LG is doing WOLED which is also self-emissive improved OLED in all aspects. And it's ~20 times cheaper than microled, ~7 times cheaper than QLED (samsung's QLED) and is already available in TVs , starting at 76".
Personaly, I don't care for old cr*p. I want my new monitor on self emisive tech and that's that. I am not going to entertain companies by letting them milk old stuff for ages. Just like some people had enough of Intel and welcomed Ryzen with open arms, same needs to happen with display tech in monitor segment. If 76" LG with WOLED can be had for <2000 US$ I don't want to reward greed of any of these brands that make marginally better improvements every year and put VIP price tags on them. No one should buy those unless they really need to replace their screens.

edit: VA panels are a joke for gaming. Inherit flaws make them bad, no refresh rate will remove those, just like no "fix" will remove black glow from ips.


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Why is this even still an article when VESA has already said that there ISN'T any DisplayHDR 2000 and that the whole thing is fake?