sapphire Radeon 9800 pro problem

By sephiroth
Aug 24, 2004
  1. got a problem with my radeon card.
    when i play doom3, farcry,... i got a rythmic beep, every
    0.7 second.
    the games run smooth, but that beeping sucks, cause every time it beeps, it jerks for about 0.1 second.
    sounds poor, but it SUCKS extremely!

    whats the problem?????
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Sounds like one of two things, the card is overheating, isn't getting enough power, is getting too much power, doesn't have the proper drivers installed, or is having a hardware malfunction.

    First round of questions:
    1) What OS are you using
    2) Are you overclocking?
    3) Have you installed the latest drivers from
    4) Has it always done this in these games, or did it just start randomly?
    5) Provide the rest of the specs for your system. CPU, Power supply, RAM, etc.
    6) Where is the beeping coming from? The system speaker, the external speakers, etc.

  3. sephiroth

    sephiroth TS Rookie Topic Starter

    first round of answering:

    1) i am using XP
    2) I do not overclock
    3) I installed the latest drivers from
    4) since I play these games, it beeps
    5) my specs: AMD 2200+
    power supply? I do not know the Watts
    512 RAM ( 2x256, but they look different)
    Gigabyte mainboard
    6) the beeping comes from the external speakers

    I do not think that the card is overheating cause my tower is currenly open

  4. Crix

    Crix TS Rookie

    I got a similar problem

    2.No overcloking AMD Athlon XP1800+ at 1535Mhz with 512 DDR 400Mhz Ram Video Card Radeon Series 9800 on a Abit AN7 Mb
    3.I finally couldnt handle it no more and installed the latest drivers
    4. No it hasnt always done this but this problem has existed roughly around the time my power supply went off 7 months ago and i bought a 350 Watt supply. I think its power related becoz it wont do it sometimes however if i have the computer running 2-3 days in a row and i play NWN, Battlefield2, or Theif 3, or now Guild wars it makes irregular beeps which get progressively worse until its a high-low, high-low beep but the game normally looks fine no choppiness but usually with battlefield 2 and NWN i lose control of the keyboard and then i restart and i regain control of the pc again
    5.Look at 2.
    6.The beeping sound is very similar to the error type beeps u get at the start when u boot up my best guess is that its the internal ones

    Basically the computer runs like a dream except for the beeping and when the beeping gets more and more frequent to the loss of the keyboard. It all started when my powersupply died and this freind of mine put another powersupply changed a few things in BIOS and i got my computer back.

    My best guess for my problem and Sephiroths as well is maybe its the power supply and the fact this beast of a video card is eating up too much? i just hope its not a hardware fault any tips to figure out wat the exact problem might be?
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