Sas raid on msi k9a2 Platinum

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Oct 29, 2008
  1. Built this system with these specs
    Here are my specs:
    Cpu: amd athlon 6400 windsor
    M/b: k9a2 platinum
    Ram: corsair xms2 dhx 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram ddr2 800 (pc26400)
    Video card: msi geforce 8600 gts ddr3 512mb
    Psu: corsair cmpsu-650tx 650w atx12v / eps12v sli ready crossfire ready 80 plus certified active pfc power supply
    Os: vista 64 bit ultimate:
    Case: raidmax smilodon atx-612wb530p black 1.0mm secc steel atx mid tower foldout mb

    Well i want to use four fujitsu limited 73gb 10k md:mbb2073rc sas harddrives. My concern is an affordable raid card and configuration.
    Thanks for your time community
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  3. freshfresh

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    thanks and i thanks for the warning :)
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    Very nice link CCT,
    I'll bookmark it for future reference
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