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SATA3 Drive on Dock keeps going off and on

By Balusri
Oct 30, 2015
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  1. Hello,
    I have a Thermaltake BlacX 5G Duet USB3 / SATA3 docking station. The problem is that any SATA drive connected to it appears in Device Manager for a few seconds, and then will goes off from the same. In "My Computer", it will appear and disappear and then go off for good, unless powered up and then it will do the same. The same is the case in "Computer Management" console. I cannot do any backups reliably as it will go offline in the middle and the backup fails.(Windows 7 Pro).

    I have done the Driver Cleanup as mentioned in the forum "USB drive or flash problems? How to cleanup and remove old USB storage drivers" (This is a GREAT article!) but does not help.

    Also I have followed and completed the steps mentioned in yet another GREAT article "How to Repair Corrupt USB Mass Storage or CD/DVD Drivers", but does not help.

    Here is what I have done additionally:
    1. Checked all drives, using Chkdsk and other utilities. All drives are fine. No issues there. S.M.A.R.T. data is fine.
    2. Tried to connect the Dock to different USB ports on the Computer, but result is the same - no improvement.
    3. Tried the same Dock under Ubuntu, and tried copying 1-2 TB of Data, there is NO problem at all.
    5. Booted the W7 computer in the Safe mode, and tried copying 1-2 TB of data, and there is NO problem whatsoever. The Drive never goes offline even in 6-8 hours. It goes offline only under Windows 7 Pro in the non-safe mode.
    6. Tried three different USB3 cables connecting the computer to the Docking station, but no improvement.
    7. Problem is the same, if the drives are connected to the front or back slot of the Dock (mind you, I can connect two drives in the dock).

    1. The above shows there are no problems with any of the Drives.
    2. There is no problem with the Docking Station or any related power issues.
    3. It has something to do with Windows 7 only. Drivers are all up-to-date.
    4. There are no issues with Cables.
    5. There is no power management issue, as I have disabled all Power saving options in the computer, so the drives will not go to "sleep".
    6. I have not made any Install / Uninstall before the start of the problem.

    I am seriously handicapped by this issue, as I cannot maintain regular backup schedule properly and I am afraid of the consequences. I have just recovered from a major disaster.

    What else could be the problem? This is really challenging me for a week or more. Any other troubleshooting I should have done that I haven't?

    I would be greatly obliged to any pointers you may give. I am frustrated beyond words. Thank you in advance.

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