Satelite l305 booting

By marktatters1
Nov 6, 2009
  1. i turn my computer on and it loads up till the point to were it shows the loading bar and it has the bars that go across periodically. and i let it sit one day for hours and it never went past that point..... i really have no idea how to fix it..... i tried taken the battery out and just turning it on with the ac power cord in but it still wont go past the loading screen..... how can i fix it.. thank you
  2. trekgimp

    trekgimp TS Rookie

    Have you tried inserting the recovery disks that came with your laptop? If that doesn't work, try going to the BIOS screen before Windows tries to boot and check the boot settings.
  3. marktatters1

    marktatters1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i have and i have tried the boot options and it wont even get to the options...but when i enter the recovery disc it get to the microsoft loading screen and does not load
  4. trekgimp

    trekgimp TS Rookie

    Did you install anything recently ... such as software for a new external hard drive or some kind of network device? I'm wondering if it's a driver conflict that's preventing Windows from booting.

    Can you boot into Windows safe mode? (Usually done by pressing f8 while booting.)

    If so, it's almost certainly a driver issue and you'll need to go into Windows device manager and uninstall some drivers.

    If you can boot into Safe Mode but can't figure out which driver is to blame, then I'd recommend using a Windows installation disc (not the recovery disc that came with your PC but an actual Windows installation disc and start a fresh installation process ... with a catch. If your original Windows install is remotely intact it should ask you to Repair your Windows XP/Vista/7 installation instead of deleting the Windows directory. As long as the repair option shows up then it will repair your Windows installation and keep all of your settings and files.
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