SB Audigy 2 ZS re-install procedure

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Dec 5, 2008
  1. I have another thread open in in Windows OS cleaning my system and improving performance.

    I previously had to re-install XP, and in the process, corrupted the software for my Audigy 2 ZS soundcard.

    After numerous uninstall/reinstall cycles, I have got the soundcard working, but several of the functions are not working. Mediasource Go for instance has most of the functions greyed out.

    Please confirm that, if I uninstall all software and drivers, then start to reinstall from my original CD, I have to progressively install all updates and upgrades to get back to full functionality? Not just the Audigy sound but Mediasource 5 and Go!

    If not, please let me know how to proceed and which updates to install and in what order.

    Creative's support response was disappointing - i.e. useless!!


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    when new hardware window pops up select to do it manually, there's a windows folder in there, i forget its exact reading, install that first, then proceed with rest of installation, make sure all sound drivers are prviously uninstalled bfor you do this, it should work. I had same exact issue with the same card.
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    Thanks, but that will not solve my problem.

    I have no problem in installing the latest drivers and the soundcard itself works - i.e. I can get sounds out of my soundcard when i use my music programs.

    The problem is that all of the additional functionality that has been made available by Creative through regular updates and upgrades is not installed automatically. I end up with 2004 versions of software with 2008 versions of the drivers.

    There are 2 installations on the CD - SB Audigy 2 ZS and Creative Mediasource. I want to get back to full functionality of both at 2008 versions. For instance Creative Mediasorce (CMS) is now at version 5. CMS GO is also at a later version. Additional DVD functionality has been added. I know, because I had then installed and working before I was forced to uninstall and reinstall.

    Can someone tell me how to achieve this, please?

    I know how to reinstall the drivers - I've had plenty of practice!!
  4. mflynn

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  5. Gouge

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    Yes, thanks. I have downloaded and saved every update relating to SB Audigy 2 ZS and Creative Mediasource - 22 relevant ones all together since 2004!

    The drivers are bundled OK so I can ignore the previous versions, but there are application updates, such as to CMS 5 and CMS GO! that seem to require installation in a particular order. CMS ver 2 only attracts a limited set of updates. Yes I know that it seems unlikely, but nobody can tell me how to get from the version on the installation disc to the latest versions in easy steps. Your advice on clearing the registry will help as well.

  6. Monkeyclaw

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    Pretty Much Same Thing here

    I got up to 4 uninstall and reinstalls before I just gave up on ever listening to music with CMSS-3D on my XP machine again... There goes the use of a quality 5.1 system. I just built a new comp (after a long time of waiting =D) this past Xmas season, and I was very dissapointed to once again have troubles with these damn Audigy Apps. This is the first time I couldn't resolve, and most anyone who knows creative, knows their customer service seems like a bunch of robots that don't register your requests no matter how much you ask.

    I sent an email asking for a guide to a complete uninstall, registry keys, system memory, etc. all listed specifically. Said I already did the way the Knowledge base tells me. I tell them please, DON'T SEND ME KB ARTICLES.

    So, they send me two of them instead.... I'm going to re-message them soon (fourth email)... maybe I'll send them one a day till they decide they have to ban me... I don't know.

    I caved. They have some refurbished Creative X-Fi extreme music cards (which are rumored to be the most reliable in terms of functionality) up for a very, very reduced price. I bought one, and I really hope it can bypass many of these issues I am now having with XP and Audigy 2 apps.

    I feel your pain man! It sucks that Creative makes great cards, and then backs them up with deplorable apps and customer service... so is the world of companies who don't release fixes on their software...

    *edit* Also, mentioning quickly, I also have no real clue of how to install the apps (after maybe they have been installed wrong once) in a clean way to make sure that the EAX Console and such make it all through to the end of their latest applications... I wish I did. It would be great if we were at least given a way to clean the OS completely of any SB Audigy related file, but that would take a tech one too many minutes of writing a new knowledge base article... =)
  7. kimsland

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  8. Monkeyclaw

    Monkeyclaw TS Rookie

    Autoupdate is what screwed my system over in the first place. Also, I have windows XP, and currently, the Audigy 2 ZS Card (the SE I hear isn't quite the same...)

    I wish it was that simple, =)...

    I found this in my email from back when I tried to install Creative MediaSource on my bro's comp. Of course, the response from the first two technicians didn't help... in fact, they were exactly the same. I guess that really ticked me off back in 06, and I really let them have it. What I did get though is what I requested, a seemingly very competent technician... Read on...

    *The beg. and end of normal web addresses will be removed from the links so I can post this information here (only have two posts so far).*

    Thank you for contacting Creative Technical Support.

    It is my understanding you have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS and CreativeMediaSource's (v.3.30.21) Quick Start Wizard continually opens. From the information you have provided you may be experiencing a registry problem. Unfortunately, we do not support modifying window's registry. However, there is information available on different Newsgroups and on Microsoft's site that contain information about how tocorrect this problem. Please, search the Internet for the error messageyou are receiving to find a resolution to your problem.

    I suggest performing a clean install of the software. A clean install normally helps alleviate any errors messages or problems with our software. Please try the following troubleshooting procedures:

    1. Uninstall MediaSource according to our Knowledge Base Article SID7815. This helps guarantee that you correctly remove all of the programs' components.-you can find this article by clicking the following link: us.creative. /support/kb/article.asp?l=3&sid=7815
    <NOTE: This article does still exist, but it is in the archives so you will need to search for 'mediasource uninstall' in their Knowledge base one time, and then scroll to the bottom of that page and search again (making sure that the "search archives" is checked. This may apply to other KB reference links as well.>

    2. Create a new user (in Windows XP) with full administrative rights. This helps ensure you install the software under a full administrative rights user account.-for more info about creating new users, refer to Microsoft website at: /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;279783

    3. Clean boot into the new user. Clean booting allows your computer to safely and completely eliminate the influences of your background programs such as your virus scanner, firewall, spyware, etc.-refer to Microsoft's support page at: /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;310353

    4. Reinstall the update Creative MediaSource version (3.30.21) into a different directory. When the installation file prompts you to place the directory for MediaSource in C:\Program Files\Creative\Creative MediaSource, rename the directory C:\Program Files\Creative\Creative MediaSource2. This will ultimately force the computer to re-write the software to your computer.- please visit the following link: us.creative /support/downloads/

    note: At the Product Selection Chart choose, "Sound Blaster" + "Audigy" + "Audigy 2 ZS" and then click the silver, oval "Next" Button. On the following page, click the silver, oval "Go!" Button.

    Save and install the files in the following order:
    a. Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer 3.30.21 (52.21 MB)Filename: CMS_PCAPP_LB_3_30_21.exe
    b. you may also need to install other application plugins for your device.

    If you still require assistance, please reply to this email with any previous correspondence to ensure the quickest and most accurate service.

    Best Regards,
    James (15353)
    Technical Support
    Creative Labs Americas

    I hope this helps... I'm going to try this procedure soon (maybe minus the creating a new user... but if all else fails) and I'll try and report back on my level of success.

    Hope this helps!

    *edit* While this is for a different issue(wizard continually opening), the uninstall and reinstall procedure is very thorough, so should still possibly help.
  9. Monkeyclaw

    Monkeyclaw TS Rookie

    Okay, this will be my final post unless I need to add notes on my procedure... but it did fix my issues with my creative apps functioning correctly! :grinthumb

    I pretty much followed the above procedure given to me by a Creative tech from a while back. I did not create a new user (used same one as originally installed, has admin rights), but I followed the Creative knowledge base article to remove Creative Media Source exacty (again to find this, search 'mediasource uninstall', and have search arhives checked). I also cleared registry entires located in Current User -> Software -> Creative Tech (didn't remove/delete vol ctrl and Component Installed out of caution) prior to reinstalling Creative MediaSource 3.30.21 (Step 4).

    All of the functionality of the EAX console and Creative MeadiaSource are now working, and I am really surprised it is. I think renaming the folder to creative MediaSource2 might have helped with making it ingore old settings/files that were causing faulty reinstalls.

    I'm not sure if the OP is still here, but hopefully if he isn't, he managed to resolve his problem as well. If anyone has any qusetions, PM my account and I may be able to help you (as long as this site notifies you via email you have a PM) since I have strugged with the Creative's Audigy 2 ZS more than just this most recent time.
  10. Jinto

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    What was thought to be the act of malware, a virus, spyware, etc, was nothing more then the act of my sound card drivers slowing down my CPU. I have come to figure out that when I install the drivers for my "Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS" sound card, my CPU begins to slow down considerably. Before I install the drivers my CPU usage ranges from 0-7% on idle. However, when I install the drivers my CPU usage ranges from50-71% on idle.

    Because of this I absolutely cannot play any HD video as the processor struggles with HD playback. Does anyone possibly have a solution to this? I am willing to use on-board sound if need be.

    Any and all help would be appreciated.
  11. Monkeyclaw

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    That is very strange... I havne't heard of that, contact Creative support about that one and see if they can actually muster up some expertise, but I have no clue what would be causing that...

    So yeah, contact Creative support, and maybe someone else here will have some insight on why drivers are eating up your CPU power...
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