Scientists found a way to transform astronaut feces into edible 'microbial goo'


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I know a guy in B.C. that raises wolves as pets,and sells them.
We're not allowed to have them. That notwithstanding, I'd love to have one of your gorgeous lynx' for a pet. There's no way I could get veterinary care for him or her, so that squelches that idea. :D In any event, Maine coon is my goto absolute favorite pet. It has to be said in their favor, they're at least as pretty as a lynx or bobcat, but with way, way, better tails. Not to mention they're damned near from Canada.


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No raccoons native in NFLD but we have them now ,got over on some transportation system ,stowaways, but new Brunswick has lots ,bordering with maine so not surprising,Our Lynx which are native,since the 1600"s anyway,are huge , bigger than a coyote.but very hard to get a look at.brothers friend had no choice but to shoot one chasing his beagle while hunting, that was in the late 70"s,mounted in front of his fireplace ,scary big cat for here.don't see them as often as a coyote ,which is also non-native. it.s said they crossed on the ice,along with the wolves we now have.which is said are a coy-wolf ,coyote cross.about the size of a german sheppard ,the mounted lynx is nearly as big.
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