Screen goes blank after startup screen

By j314
Oct 6, 2011
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  1. I've scoured the interwebs - including dozens of threads here - trying to find the solution to my problem. I'm trying to fix a Dell Dimension 3000 that was handed off to me. It appears to have no upgrades or replacements whatsoever. I don't have any info leading up to the issue.

    The windows start screen loads, then the monitor goes blank. My first thoughts were: bad onboard video adapter or bad drivers. F2, F8 and F12 do nothing. Well, F8 and F12 gave me a split second glimpse at the generic "keyboard failure" message, minus the last line prompting for F1 to continue or F2 to run the diagnostic test (before turning blank). And pressing F2 at the start up changes the text at the top right corner of the screen to "Entering Set Up", but it will still immediately go blank.

    I put a ps2-to-usb adapter on the keyboard and tried moving it to a USB port. That did resolve the "keyboard failure" message from popping, but that's all. I added a pci video card (GeForce 6200). That didn't resolve anything. I checked the CMOS battery. It was dead, so I replaced it, which also did nothing. I have an XP start/repair disc, but can't boot from anything but the HDD, so that's useless. I assume switching out the motherboard would be a fix, but I'd like this done sooner than it would take to order a motherboard. Any suggestions/insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Tmagic650

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    The motherboard would cost you a fortune. Trash it!

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