Screen only displaying white color after various mishaps (winupdate, mistakes)

By njelimetz
Dec 18, 2010
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  1. hi,

    I've grown desperate. I've posted in another forum but seemed there's no way out of it. reading M$'s forum is even worse, no answer from the "smarter" people.

    here's the story:
    Dec 15th, I installed a couple updates from Windows Update, about 7-8 of them, each file is under 1MB because I thought it would speed up the download process (I'm not on broadband, using cellphone as modem with only EDGE speed). after those updates are installed, the laptop asked me to reboot, so I did, and there's nothing on the screen, everything's white. I panicked and start searching google like crazy, only to find that I forgot to try out F8 upon rebooting. in the end I managed to remove those destructive updates while viewing the display on an external monitor. after bootup, my kids asked to play for a while and I thought it would be better for them to see the game on a bigger screen (the external monitor, a 32" TV), I accidentally press cancel while windows is trying to install the driver. then it asked me to reboot again. I thought it should be OK, I clicked on cancel numerous times on other driver installation and nothing is affected.

    well, this time it's different. upon rebooting, the white screen came back. F8 didn't do a thing, so I turned the laptop on and off many times until I got a garbled display with black background and I used the recovery disc to wipe out the C: drive and replace it with factory given stuff from the disc. it completed and the laptop asked for the drivers disk, which I put in. after an auto reboot, there is only this white screen. nothing I do would give me back anything viewable.

    just now, I managed to get a garbled display again (less than 15 minutes ago). I was given a choice of Safe mode, Safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, and start windows normally. I chose safe mode and when it came on, it said that it can't continue windows installation on safe mode. so it kicked me back to the choice screen and I chose "start windows normally". it rebooted for 2 times before giving me a screen that says "start 0x00000e93 information i/o error" I have no idea what to do. because all the google search are dealing with Windows XP and lower, the use of of floppy drive and boot disk, which are not present in VISTA. and I just found out that there is a big scuff mark on my recovery disc, which I have no idea how it get there (by staying too long inside the drive?). so now I'm making an image of it, in another laptop, a macbook pro.

    please anyone enlighten me, advise me? is there anyway to see what's on my vista's screen without having to go inside windows first? the last time the external display works were always after I get in windows, not before.

    thank you and hoping to get something here.... happy holidays people!

    extra info:

    - left the laptop on for almost 3 hours now. it rebooted back and forth, sometimes it showed some garbled display, sometimes completely white
    - when I managed to get to choice of startup, all safe mode choices will just get the laptop rebooted again, no matter which one I choose (safe mode, safe mode w/networking, safe mode w/command prompt)
    - now every so many reboot I will get the dreaded BSOD nvlddmkm.sys error
    - after failing safe mode sometimes the laptop gives me a choice of what to start with, the first is Windows setup (something enabled, can't read too garbled) and when pressing TAB key, will take me down to Windows Memory Check utility, which will gives me a screen that says " you have a hardware failure that required the newly installed hardware to be taken off the laptop immediately and try to go through windows to install the proper driver"
    - I read in some other link I found, there is a possibility of the video card is just dirty, maybe the realtek audio driver cause the nvlddmkm error, then there is another possibility of needing a bios update.

    I have no idea what else to try. messing around with the laptop doesn't let me in anywhere near the bios or the windows os, or the command prompt that I needed so much. all safe mode just leads to another reboot! argh! and even I take the HDD off the laptop, reading it using the external HDD enclosure kit, C:/windows are just not accessible through anything! and here I am on a mac. :(

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