Screens going black and freezing afterwards

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Mar 28, 2008
  1. Okay, so I'm using 2 monitors and the secondary one keeps doing this odd thing. It goes black for just a moment, then everything that's on it freezes. Sometimes it starts working again, sometimes I have to boot. I figured it could be some sort of virus, so I just decided to format my PC. I kept getting viruses after installing windows, but on the fifth time I got a windows cd that had sp2 included and I thought it'll work now. But the screen problem has come back.

    While doing all the scans recommended on that other post, I started thinking that it isn't necessarily a virus, but could instead be some problem with the graphics drivers or the card itself or just anything hardware related. Anyways, I became totally paranoid after the 2nd format and that's why I wanted to post the logs here. I was playing wow, got thrown to the login screen twice in a row. I was quite paranoid at that point already, so I changed my account's password on my laptop and didn't fly off the server again. Now I'm totally unsure and really don't want to log on anything, so I basically can't use my computer to it's full extent until I get a confirmation it's virus-free.

    One more thing: I copied all my music and videos on external harddrives before formatting. Is it possible that they're infected too? I haven't wanted to plug them into my computer just yet and would love to get some proof that they're clean or help in cleaning them.
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    I cannot help you with your attachment analysis (although I personnally cannot see any malware present anyway)

    But, I was wondering if you had swapped your screens around (ie the cables to the video card) and then test again.
    If the same monitor still intermittantly goes blank, I would say it's the monitor at fault.
    But if the other monitor goes blank, then it must be the card (or driver software)

    Just wondering if you had tried that.
  3. kritius

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    Ill start looking through them now.
  4. synyker

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    Actually, the main screen did that too, but just once. Haven't swapped the screens, but I'm guessing it could really be related to the card itself. Also, the screen just flashes black for a moment, then whatever was on it returns. Sometimes it looks just as it should, but more often it has some graphics bugs like parts of it are black etc. The things you might get when your card overheats while playing, that sort of graphics errors :X
  5. kritius

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    HJT log are clean,

    Remove Combofix

    Click on Start > Run. Copy and paste in ComboFix /u and click OK. An image is below for reference.


    Delete the three tools from step 10 by dragging them to the recycle bin, and then emptying it.
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