Seagate notebook HD detect problem

By kjb206
Aug 29, 2006
  1. I have a Sager Notebook and a couple of months ago after about 2 yrs of operation the harddrive crashed. A friend checked ther harddrive and got bad sectors in different places each time he checked, so he guessed there was soem dust in the hd and we tossed it. A bought a new seagate 60g and it ran for about a month or so before it decided to die on me. The problem is however, the drive is not detected in the bios. freaking out thinking my laptop has somehow retarded itself, i yanked my girlfriends hd out of her hp notebook and placed into mine. bios detected and it began to boot up. Slipped mine into her notebook and same problem, no detection.

    Obv. to my theory its purely the harddrive but i wanted to get any second opinions on what may be going on here.
  2. Rick

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    Yeah, it's probably dead. Send it back and get a replacement though Seagate or the company you bought it from if it is still under the return period. Seagate's warranty is often 5 years, perhaps 1-3 years for your drive depending.

    If you have important data on it, there's no much hope of getting it back. If it is an electronics problem (which I might assume), if you get an identical replacement, you can switch the PCBs. I've done this with desktop drives and it is very simple - it should work with notebook drives as well and is probably just as easy.
  3. korrupt

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    It could very well be that your hdd is fried. This is not uncommon, especially in laptops. The next HDD you get, make sure its impact resistant.


  4. kjb206

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    i replaced it with the exact same drive that i had previously, everything is a-ok except for the missing xp serial to install xp pro. I love being organized... pcb swapping, i read it i viewed it, i even considered it...what exactly am i looking to do ( step by step if you do not mind) my electronics skills are somewhat limited but I can fix a broken discman in no time and made quite a nice chunk of change doing so through highschool :) but i know that is no hdd.

    other thing, i have a converter to place notebook hdds onto a desktop ide ribbon. obviously, this is no advantage due to the fact that the drive seems dead and a. windows will not load when it is in the slave location and b. just freezes the comp when plugged in when already open (windows resumes operation when it is removed)

    i am and expert n00b so be kind!!!!
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