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Hdd Temperature

By pgcharlie
Dec 14, 2008
  1. hello guys..

    This is the problem i faced a few days...

    "An unexpected error 32816 occurred at the line 5218 in d:\nt\base\boot\setup\setup.c"

    This is an 80 GB IDE hard disk BARRACUDA 7200 P ATA 80 GB , ST380011A, 4JV4BNS2.

    The story goes like this... i tried to connect my IDE 80 GB hd to an SATA hd at my office, but somehow it was detected even after trying jumper settings.. eventually the day worn off with other work.. but at night when i tried to connect it to my Intel D865G motherboard, to my surprise it was not detected, thought OS must have been corrupted, at first bios showed the name of my hd as "!!ST380011A" something... (that was last week).. now bios does not even detect it.. i tried to find in Google by putting the above error, at a site i got a similar thread, it said that he did something in the boot sector and it got solved... i am blank about what he did and with what tools.

    i have 2 rams 256 and 512 of diff frequency.. this is not optimal i am told and i know, but i have been using these 2 for the past may be almost for 2 years now without a single problem, other than a required smps change, i am really confused as to what to do now.. please help. i am not tensed much as it is still in warranty... but i still want to get to the bottom of this problem. Thanks in advance.

    i have another 40 GB hd of seagate which i used as salve for the past 2 years, i tried the same with this hd as i did with the above one.. on the same day... but this hd does have os installed. but again surprisingly bios does not detect this, but Active boot disk live cd does..., i can format this drive but during os installation, files get copied, but as the setup finished and system restarts, bios fails to detect the hd.

    Now this is history... but still would like a solution for the above error..

    i finally managed to put an OS into 40 GB... but the problem now i m facing slow boot up... it takes around a 1 or 2 to hear the beep sound while the system starts... 40 GB Master and 80 GB Slave.... and i can run only 1 program at a time.. like copying even up to 10 MB file from 1 drive to another system cpu clocks as 100%...

    And then temp, i checked with PC Wizard, for both hard disks varies... 37 degress and 47 degrees. is this normal... or should be worried...

    Please help...

    Please help.. if any more info is needed please let me know... Thanks

    hi, any more info needed. please let me know...
  2. kimsland

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