Seagate ST500DM009-2F110A Internal Hard Drive - screeching sound


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The hard drive has low hours, and was just not running with fast transfer speeds. Then a loud screeching sound. All the
S.M.A.R.T. info was good. I could not use it for a back up disk when using Aomei Backer upper. I just kept at it until the hard drive warmed up, and eventually worked with higher transfer speeds. (Running Slow) But no diagnostic gave any bad reading about it.

Other forums say it has the disks making direct contact to the reader arm or something like that. Why does a hard drive get stuck like this and slow down? Any remedies? It started screeching when I used Sea Tools, as the program was booting.
It stopped screeching for now, but what prevention is needed?


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You should take that loud screeching sound as a distress call from your existing hard drive. I think it has come to the end of its lifetime, and I don't think any physical contact with the reader arm or any other component inside the processor should have an impact on its performance. So, its better for you to install a new internal hard drive before you go into recovery mode.

Hope this helps!